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Delicious Caffè Del Nonno

Published by Taya Moiseenko — 4 months ago

Blog: O dolce Napoli!
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When coming to Italy, I suggest you to order Caffè Del Nonnoin any bar, at least once. In the translation from Italian it means “Grannie’s coffee”. By the way, it’s possible to find it only during the summertime, because it has to be drunk in cooled condition and in winter it’s too cold.

Delicious Caffè Del Nonno

Honestly speaking, coffee is too strong name for this drink, at least because it brings much more sweet joy and relax (and calories!) than energy. That’s why if you want to invigorate, better order espresso or ristretto. Better name for Caffè Del Nonno is cocktail, dessert or eve liquid ice-cream. Precise biography of this drink is unknown, just one version exists that the man who was the first to mix ingredients for this cocktail (approximately in the middle of XX century), dedicated the receipt to his grandfather and later commercialized it.

Even if most of Italians are crazy coffee lovers, they like to experiment with this drink. What are the other coffee cocktails which you can like:

  • Caffe' con panna (coffee with whipped topping) – true espresso with sweet creamy mountain on the top;
  • Caffè alla nocciola (nutty coffee) – mix of espresso with hazel-nut cream;
  • Caffè Brasiliano (Brazilian coffee) – prepared with cacao and Baileys;
  • Caffè alla nutella (Coffee with Nutella) – no explanations…just enjoy it!

    Delicious Caffè Del Nonno

And which coffee do you prefer? Classic one or something unusual?

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