750 C$ / month (bills included)

Exchange Student Housing! 4 or 8 months leases.


International student housing in Montreal.

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Hi! Looking to rent a furnished bedroom? We are specially tailored for people new to Montreal! Undergraduate, graduate, exchange students, students on internships or young professionals. We are a community of international people sharing time together. We’re neighbors living in a few nearby apartments. Each person have it’s own private bedroom and will share the common spaces (kitchens, bathrooms etc. ) with 2 to 5 people.


This is a unique living situation you won't get to live anywhere else again. We believe that our community has extra value... your life, sociology and management courses right at home. We want you to become a better person and build skills on both personal and professional aspect. It's a complete experience. It is very important to have a good atmosphere in each apartments. We are like big family and your housemates will be those who listen to your day after you are back home in the evening. We take our studies/work/research seriously and our place is DEFINITELY NOT the place for constant parties. However we like to organize various outings, activities, philosophical debates, climbing mountains, cottage weekends, restaurants, bars, basketball, football, swimming (there is a free public pool nearby), baking, cooking, play guitar, running, yoga, BBQ on our terrace in the summer etc..


To apply to get a room, just tell us about yourself. We are very selective with our roommates so just try to stand out.

- Tell us why you want to live in an international community like ours.

- Your age, personality, living habits, lifestyle, activities...

- Study or work field. What will be your occupation in Montreal...

- Where are you from? Where you grew up?

- Try to convince us that you are clean and tidy!

- When you want to move in? For how long? (Leases are 4, 8 or 12 months. Starting Sep 1st, Jan 1st or May 1st) (We sometime rent for less than 4 months during summer. )

- Your budget range per month. (See prices below)

- Your preferred living situation (gender and aged ranged): female only, male only, mixed.

- Send us a few photos of yourself and some others that represents your personality and life style... and/or a link to any of your social media profile. We want to get a quick idea of who you are.

If we feel we have a room that match with you we'll meet up or have a video call! Waiting to hear from you.

The Cubahaus team


- All utilities are included in the rent: Electricity, hot water, heating, unlimited WiFi Internet.

- Our apartments range from 3 to 7 bedrooms.

- Bedrooms are furnished with dressers/drawers, working desks, beds.

- Kitchens are equipped with microwaves, toasters, pots, pans, glasses, plates, utensils etc.

- All have washer and dryer ether directly in the apartment or in the building.

- Most apartments have a terrace to hang out.


Since it's inception Cubahaus hosted people from every continents and the 49 countries listed below!

We had residents from Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, England, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Turkey, Georgia, Lebanon, Syria, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.


One of our main criteria for selecting new roommates is cleanliness and tidiness! We realized that this is the main issue while sharing a flat so we will pick a socially weird compulsive cleaner over a cool and fun housemate! Haha! We are half joking but if you're not really into cleaning then please don't write us unless you are willing to pay to have a cleaning lady do your part. We have zero tolerance for unwashed dishes or dirty kitchen table or stove after cooking! We believe that a tidy environment is psychologically healthy. In short if we are dedicating a whole paragraph for this matter so you can guess that it is important to us!

Note #1: We love animals but unfortunately our landlords do not allowed them.

Note #2: Absolutely no smoking in any of the houses.


A detailed descriptions of the rooms, photos and prices will be sent to you once we receive your preferences and budget from your application. Our current range is 600 to 1400 Canadian dollars per month.

Prices will vary a lot depending on many factors such as:

•Size of your room

•General value of the apartment

•Private / shared bathrooms

•Distances to universities

•Length of the lease

How to get discounts? We have a few rooms that are located over a trendy nightclub. If you need a quiet room ask us for bedrooms that are not over the bar. If you enjoy working late you can benefit from the cheaper prices of those rooms above the bar. The bar is only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays but one those nights you can hear quite loudly the vibration of the bass sound from 11pm to 3am. Some of us use it as a positive thing for late night studies! It keeps our mind alert!;-)


We are located in the best area of Montreal! (At least that's what we think! );-) We have everything around us. Ste-Catherine, St-Denis and St-Laurent, those 3 streets are in the top 10 most popular street to go out for a drink, eat or go shopping. We are living in front of Parc where there is a Basketball court, a soccer field and ice rink in winter. We are 5 minutes walk from a free indoor public swimming pool. 7 minutes from Place-des-arts where 80% of the major events and festivals in Montreal are happening (Jazz festival, Just-for-laugh festivals, nuit blanche etc). 10 minutes walk to Desjardins Complex shopping mall which is also the central segment of RESO (The world's largest Underground City). 15 minutes to reach China Town or the old port of Montreal... and in a short 30 minutes walk you can reach the top of Mont Royal and admire the beautiful view of the Skyline.

Distances to...


By Walk:

-5 min. to "SAINT-LAURENT"

-5 min. to "BERRI-UQAM"

-10 min. to "PLACE DES ARTS"


By walk:


-10 min. to UQAM

-15 min. to MCGILL University

By public transportation:

-10 min. to CONCORDIA University

-25 min. to ETS

-35 min. to HEC

-35 min. to UDEM (Universite de Montreal)

-35 min. to Ecole Polytechnique.


By walk:

-5 min. walk to Depaneures (corner store)

-5 min. walk to a small grocery store

-10 min. walk to IGA (supermarket)

-15 min. walk to GD (Chinese supermarket)

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