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Published by farzaneh zareei — one year ago

There are many places in mashhad that I want to introduce, one of this abardeh , the beautiful village in the vicinity of mashhad. There are many  fruit gardens and with rivers and restaurants that were built beside of the river. Its amazing while you are eating your food the only music that you can hear is the sound of water.This place has a little cold weather and with rain. Foods have high quality and delicious also you can try grilled corns with salt, it taste is awesome andnever forget that! also you can order kabab or grilled chicken with rice! these foods make me hungry.  


You can walk along the river and enjoy this landscape but be careful about cars! sometimes they are driving too fast. you can go there by public buses just 6000 rials and if you have car so you won't have a problem. wear comfortable shoes and clothes and you should be ready to being dirty! bring water but if you forgot it is ok because you can buy. an interesting part of this place is souvenir. You can buy some local souvenir like as carpets or hats!  if you are interested in photography, dont forget to take an extra battery and charge your cellphone too! so if you love nature, go there and have fun but dont pollute there!

if you think that you have a lot of time dont forget adventure! go to the heart of village and take a look around, you will be surprised!

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