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Published by farzaneh zareei — one year ago

When you came to iran, don’t forget to order an traditional Iranian food. One of these foods is aash, which will be cooked by vegetables and beans like lentil, bean, pea and noodles with fried onion and whey and mint. This food is delicious especially when the weather is cold or in rainy days. It helps you to being warm and its really good for patients too.

People when want to avow something in iran, they choose aash because everyone like it. But this food is not very easy food and you need to spend hours too cook this delicious food.  dont forget to try this food in restaurants or if you had an Iranian host ask them to cook and they will accept this because Iranian people are amazing hosts.

in addition, iran have other traditional foods, like as ghorme sabzi which is very famous among people. the other one is kabab kobideh, this food is really delicious and you can eat with grilled tomato and doogh (kind of persian drink) and basil and rice.these foods are not expensive and you can find in any restaurant or you can cook them at home, it opts to you.





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