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Waiting room

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Long day with happy ending

Published by Isidora Isailovic — 12 days ago

Hello guys,

I guess you were expected maybe more historical place to be decriebed than one waiting room, but this is a must, especially if you want to buy your monthly travel card.

When I came here, I was told that I have to make an appolitment online or order my card and wait for two weaks to get one. So I wanted to make an appoitment, but on the list of couple places where you can get one, I found only one free termin in next three days. Saturday in 20:30 :( fiesta fiesta.

Meanwhile, I took the card and paid 12 euros for 10 rides, while I was waiting the termin for my unlimited rides montly ticket for 20 euros. In the next three days I was walking with my friend a lot. We limited ourself to use only two rides per day, but on the other hand, we wanted to see everything, so we walked and walked. A lot.

Saturday came and that was our first weekend in Madrid, so we wanted to go out and explore a little bit of night life, so we went around 18:00 to get our card. But we had to wait for next 2,5 hours to come in exact termin that we had. I'm not gonna even write about how cold were that day. Longest two houers of my life.

It ended with beautiful card, two really, really happy girls, even though witout going out on our first Saturday night in Madird, but who cares for that if you finally can use more than two rides per day :)

I'm gonna upload two of my favourites photos of last weak for sure...

With love,

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