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Published by Isidora Isailovic — 20 days ago

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America - simply, the summer as one can only ask for! The whole summer, wondering around, collecting friends, long walks on the ocean beach, amazing sunsets, perfect balance of little things, leading to the right moment of happiness.

Portugal - the closest capital to the one that I'm staying right now - Madrid. I'm impatiently planning my trip in Lisbon with my Erasmus crew that I met here. Sounds like a pure happiness, don't you think so?

Peru - the country where my best friend come from. I was under happy circumstances, that I met this amazing girl in Munich, Germany last summer and until than, it didn't even pass one day not to text her.

Yakeshi - town in China, from where half of my master class come from. Silly, funny and smart classmates, always ready to explore and travel to Madrid and surrounding places - I love them very much!

New York - metropolis that I visited in September. Never been that tired in my whole life, leaving the accommodation early in the morning, coming back late, wondering around with group, which was getting richer every day, for several new friends. Felt like living my best life, truly living my American dream.
Espana - completely new part of my life - Erasmus exchange program for next six months in Madrid. Working on my final thesis, studying in foreign language, challenging myself.. It only passed one month, but I can already say - what a journey!

San Francisco - the most colorful city I have ever visited and the place where finding new friends is piece of cake. Place where is easy to love and to be loved...

Sabac - least but not the last, my home town. The town full of joy where I went in primary and high school, where I grow up as a person taught to love and appreciate nature, family and friends; person who is truly knows how to find own happiness, but not exactly where; person who is aware of knowledges that only one travel can bring me. So Sabac is city where I feel safe and ready to come back any moment, because I know that, despite my constant desire to travel, someone will always give wait for me - my family<3

Text is written in acrostic (APPYNES), with first letter missing - H, because there is no recipe for happiness and no one can show us how to find it and how we are suppose to feel. We have to create our own ways, only that way, planet will be comfortable place to live in

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