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Las Cuevas de Sesamo

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First night out in Madrid!

Published by Isidora Isailovic — 12 days ago

Hello guys,

How that even happened? Well, my friend and I were exploding the city on Sunday when we got message from some Serbian guys, inviting us for a drink! Why not?? They texted us address and next moment we were at our ways to the cafe.

Madrid is popular by crazy night life, so what came next we couldn’t even imagine. We found ourselves in pretty quite, local place with magnificent pianist and great atmosphere. I would recommend this place for sure because of tfw spirit you can feel in it. Also, place is know as the cafe where Hemingway used to hang.

We had our first glass of sangria, for what Spain is so popular for. I was teaching my friend to play piano. We were trying to go with Ode of Joy. We got zero cent in our tips jar, and server asked us gently to leave the piano :)

Even though we were at Sunday, we found out that on Saturday is the best and that people usually sing and dance (even on the tables) with sound of piano and that is like traveling through the time and has taste of old Spain. 

I’m so lucky that I found this place and I will for sure come back, so maybe I see some of you guys on Saturday night :) here are some photos of my crew, as always :)

With love,


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