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Victoria Bar

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A chic bar of Barranco

Translated by Helena Newton — 9 months ago

Original text by Jesus en su tinta

Hello everyone! I hope that each and every one of you is well. If every wall of the Barranco houses spoke, truthfully each one of the houses would tell us that they can be a good host for each project that is committed to good style and a classic atmosphere.

Here I present the facade of the Victoria Bar of Barranco:



A good style bar

In this opportunity I would like to briefly speak of a bar known as Victoria Bar, this bar is located in the avenue Pedro de Osma a few steps from the main park of Barranco in dicha avenue you will find some large trees so that they can orient themselves where the cars pass daily to the neighbouring district of Chorrillos.



A place with history

Victoria Bar is a chic place of Barranco, don't believe that the style is the same as Ayahuasca, this bar offers a classic style considering it is found within a white house totally restored that belonged to the Cilloniz family, furthermore it also has that touch of dim light that brightens up the atmosphere.



Cocktail list and gormet appetizers

The menu of victoria is full appetising cocktails as well as offering up appetizers like for example some native potatoes as well as many other options that have a gourmet presentation, its cocktails are of intense flavours and as well if you are a smoker you will find a patio where you are allowed to smoke.

Furthermore, in Victoria Bar also one can find an interesting offering of handcrafted beers

Opening hours of Victoria Bar

Take into account the opening hours are tuesday to saturday from 19:00pm until 03:00am, with the weekend being the busiest time.



I hope that you have enjoyed this short description and that soon you will see it, as always, thank you very much for reading each one of these references of the places we can find in Lima! I wish you a good day and see you another time, see you soon!

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