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5 Books That Should Be A Part of a School’s Curriculum

For centuries, man has used literature as a creative outlet. In our day and age, there is a range of powerful books available. Many of them are eye-opening and need to be a part of all school’s curriculums. Below, we’ve run through 6 books that would be great additions. Read ahead.

George Orwell’s ”1984”

1984 is one of George Orwell’s most famous books. It’s a piece that is relevant for the time we live in. It revolves around a totalitarian state. It governs everything and everyone, using media to brainwash its citizens. The book dives into how powerful the media really is – especially the fact that if you control it, you control the world.

It is so powerful that the book has been banned by numerous countries. MyPaperwriter review and a myriad other paper writer services have analyzed the text. You’ll see countless analysis papers online, which is a testament to how critical it is.

By making it a part of your curriculum, students will know how much control the government really has. It also introduces them to how easy it is to be brainwashed.

5 Books That Should Be A Part of a School’s Curriculum

Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”

Arguably, one of the most difficult texts to read, The Color Purple makes a great addition to any curriculum. It’s so difficult to read due to the style it’s written in. It is written in the form of letters. The letters are sometimes several years apart and are written in a non-standard English dialect used by African-Americans in the early 1900s.

The fact that it’s so different makes it a good read as students are exposed to a diverse body of work. More importantly, the book is great due to the message it carries. It talks about the hardship of African Americans in society. It also touches on the hardship of being a Black woman, written in a way that makes you feel like the main character is pouring her heart out to you.

Like 1984, The Color Purple is a very polarizing book. It has been banned by numerous countries due to the questions about inequality it carries. Whether you think is reliable or is mypaperwriter trustworthy, you’ll see thorough analyses on The Color Purple on their site. It’s definitely a text that’s critically been analyzed over and over again.

George Orwell’s “The Animal Farm”

Compared to the other books on our list, the Animal Farm is the easiest to read. It’s especially great for children as it focuses on a set of talking animals. The animals overthrow the farmer that owns them. He’s tyrannical, but as the text goes on, you see that they slowly become as bad as him.

The book discusses revolution, but more importantly, how easy it is to get corrupted. George Orwell wrote the text as an allegory to the Russian Revolution.

The Animal Farm is riddled with literary devices, which makes the book especially useful for curriculums. Students can learn a lot about literary devices through it.

Angie Thomas’ “The Hate U Give”

The Hate U Give is very eye-opening. The text is about a 16-year old African American girl as she goes to a predominantly white school while living in a poorer African American neighborhood. The book talks about juggling identities and what it is to be “African American”.

It makes for a great additional to curriculums as it helps students, especially teenagers, take a look at any identity issues they may have. It also touches on countless injustices that is applicable to our day and age – like police brutality.

The text is fairly new, having been released in 2017. It’s catered to a teenage audience, which is why students would find it entertaining to read.

5 Books That Should Be A Part of a School’s Curriculum

Malala Yousufzai’s “I AM MALALA”

I AM MALALA is a book that will teach students how good they have it. The piece touches on terrorism and how girls outside of the west are deprived of an education. The autobiography opens your eyes to how brutal people can be. It especially is useful in teaching students how extreme beliefs can get.


Although we ran through 6 texts that would make for marvelous additions, the world of literature is immense. There are countless more books that are equally as good. Try checking reviews and analyses as books that are very critical are the best to teach students. 

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