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Kız Kulesi

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The Virgin Tower

Published by Kübra Küçük — one year ago

The Maiden's Tower(as its another name)

This is a very old and a historical place.And i love the look,the location and the view around it...

The tower has been standing since The Byzantine Period.So the tower is least 2500 years old.And as the tail says there was a big reason behind building this beauty.But the hsitory of this tiny island goes back to The Archaic Age.So this means it wasnt always like this.

The History Of This Tower;

It was built as a tomb in ancient greet time.Then in byzantine time they added an extra building to it to use it as a custom house.In ottoman empire it was used for different purposes in time such as a show platform,defence castle,banishment station and a quarantine room.Since then it helps the ships with its light to pass easy at night.So we can say it is a light house too.

The Tower was renovated in 2000.By the time it was done,they opened a restaurant inside the tower "kızkulesi restaurant"  and it has a bar inside which is called "Kuledebar".There are tiny wooden boats to take you there from the shore.Like a sea taxi.I dont know the prices of the restaurant but i do not think it can be more than any restaurant that located by the istanbul bosphorus,so it might be more than an average one...

The Tails Of The Tower

There has been many different tails/myths about the tower all along.

1 of them is;

As the myth says,there was a Nun called Hero and her lover called Leandros.Hero was a nun of the temple that was made for Goddess Afrodit and was situated somehwere in Üsküdar hills.Some says this love story started in Çanakkale bosphorus and some says here in istanbul.

So in mean time,Hero was responsible with for feeding the doves.So in every spring,there used to be a festival around the temple to celebrate the awakening of the nature.In one of them Lenadros went to join the celebration and that where he saw Hero and they fell in love at first sight.But there was a big obstacle for their love because Hero was Nun and she wasnt suppose to get married accroding to the religion.But this didnt stop Leandros and he wanted to have her no matter what.

One night Hero was in The Virgin  Tower and holding a flambeau to direct him to make him find his way to the tower coz Lenadros was crossing the istanbul bosphorus to reach her.He used to live in the european side and Hero was living in the asian side and mean time there was no bridges,only boats to cross.Anyways,they had to keep it as a secret so that is how their relationship started.

Leandros swam the sea each night to see her.They made love in the tower.And it went on so till one night,the wetaher was quite windy and Hero was holding the flambeau again to direct Leandros.He was already inside the water and trying to cross the bosphorus but in a sudden,wind had blown up  the flambeau and it was all dark and Lenadros lost his direction and tried to continue swimming but he lost his way and got tired of swimming and drown in the bosphorus.Hero waited for him all night long but he didnt show up.She was worried and next morning she saw his lifeless body in the cross shore and she suicied,fell from the tower to the water of bosphorus...

Another myth is;

There was a daughter of this emperor in seljuk empire.Either he saw it in his dream or a predictor tells him that his only beloved daughter will be bitten by a snake and die someday in the future.So after this he gets worried and paranoid and he placeshis daughter in the tower and let her continue the rest of her life here safely.He think this way she wont face her predicted faith.And of course the emperor never lets her out and only servants were allowed to go in.But one day,when the servants take a basket of grapes to the tower,there was a snake hidden inside it and nobody knew or saw it.It just got there by itself.You may know how the grape yards are.Possible to have snakes around.Anyways,then the snake got out of the basket and somehow bite her and this is how she lost her life.Sadly  she couldnt run from her pitty faith as her father planned for her....

There a few more tails about the tower but i wont write them here coz it will be too long then.

What To Do There

-There are small cafes around,you can have a seat and enjoy the sunset or the daily view.Have a shisha or cup of turkish tea.Maybe have some sunfloer seeds or nuts etc.Turks lov to do that :D

-Have a walk around

-Have lunch or dinner in the tower restaurant

The Virgin Tower

The Virgin Tower

The Virgin Tower

The Virgin Tower

The Virgin Tower

The Virgin Tower

The Virgin Tower

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