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It was the best experience of my life. People were kind and helpful. I really feel in love with that country.

Finns want to test their limits so vigorously. This must be connected with challenging conditions in the north. I have to say that I identify with them because I also love to test my limits! It’s the way of overcoming myself, growing and developing my potentials. 

They really appreciate good coffee - Finns consume more coffee than anywhere else in the world – 12kg per capita per year! My max. was 6 coffees per day because the dark days forced me to drink it.

One thing that I really admire about them is their modesty and curiosity! I met young people who finished high school and then studied for themselves in different institutions where they don’t really get papers for that. It’s the enthusiasm that guides them. I had so many good conversations with young people, which is not usual for my country. Slovenian youth is interested in getting a degree as soon as possible, finding a job, building a house, buying a dog and starting a family life. I think I told you something about our history and as you see the influence is still rooted.

You can read more on my blog MAGICAL FINLAND.

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