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  • Where to stay in Geneva - Auberge Communale Genève

    After having spent 6 months in Geneva, it was time to pack up my bags and leave for my six-month Erasmus adventure in Madrid. I may have slightly miscalculated my length of days in terms of rent so I ended up by having to book a hotel for the last couple of days of my...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Where to stay in Geneva - Tiffany Hotel

    The first night in Geneva I stayed in the Tiffany Hotel. This was a very important time for me as I was supposed to spend my time running around and getting myself organized for my six month Erasmus in the city. I had to choose the Hotel tactically based upon the...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Three-Day tour guide of Geneva

    The good thing about Geneva is that as far as Geneva is concerned, you can probably see the whole of the city, from head to toe in about two to three days. Then of course if you happen to stay longer then there are many surrounding places you can go to such as skiing in...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • A complete guide to Geneva

    Sadly my time in Geneva has come to an end. Just when I was getting used to living here and getting into a weekly routine I now have to move my entire life from one country to another. Of course I am excited to discover Spain and more importantly get to know Madrid from...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Top 10 things to See in Geneva

    After having uploaded my blog on things to do in Geneva (Top 10 things to do in Geneva). I thought to upload a "Top 10 things to see in Geneva". Where as my post was more about activities to do, this post encompasses museums and expositions you cannot miss when visiting...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Ice Hockey

    The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) offers 36 lucky students the possibility to go and watch an ice hockey match for free. Exactly one week ago we had to go to the student centre in the University where we had to give 5 CHF deposit and book our place. This money would...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Top 10 things to do in Geneva

    Geneva is by far one of the most beautiful and original cities I have visited until now. Each and every day convinces me that this is where I want to finish my masters. There is just such a unique atmosphere; everyone just concentrates on what they want to do and I feel...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Swiss Transport

    The general stereotype of Switzerland is their organization and their efficiency in terms of Transport. I do not usually agree with stereotypes (Yes I am british and I love tea.. but I know many British people that don’t! ), however when it comes to transport here in...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Diary day 2 - Arrival to Geneva

    Travel Journal Day 2 It was a beautiful morning to wake up to on my second day in Geneva. The sun was shining and I woke up super excited to finish preparing for my move. I knew this was going to be a super long day so I mentally prepared myself. We returned to the...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Diary Day 1 - Arrival to Geneva

    My first ever arrival into Geneva The first day into a new city is always quite disorientating. Of course you read things to do up on the internet and you plan where to eat and you ask your friends who have already been there what places to recommend, but things are...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Spaghetti with Spinach and Bacon

    I tried this recipe for the first time as a student in accommodation back in London. It was one of those typical student accommodations where people just did not really care much about eating - my hallmate would cook pasta in a frying pan, others would eat takeaways...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Moving away on your year abroad

    The idea of moving away from home, from your friends and family, from you culture, your home town, your favorite cafés and restaurants - it is daunting. I was so worried, most of my friends were off to Paris or Montreal and I seemed to be the only one chosing Geneva. I...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago
  • Introduction to my Year Abroad

    Hello, I’m Lucrezia, currently studying languages at King’s College London and on my year abroad to Geneva until January and Madrid for the second semester. Many people asked me why. Why go to Geneva if you can go anywhere French speaking?! Geneva is boring, Geneva...

    0 by Lucrezia, 4 years ago

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