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International dinner

When I first decided to come to Portugal I've never thought that would be an amazing experience where I'd meet a lot of friends from all around the world.

Despite I've been taking the whole course at the University of Évora, I'm originally from Brazil and I think for this reason I identified with the Erasmus guys right away, also because we live together at António Gedeão residency.

We've decided to organizate a dinner and each one would prapare some typical dish from their country. It was very enjoyable and funny.


As I'm very lazy, I haven't prepared anything, instead of it I took Ginja, actually a tipical Portuguese and not Brazilian licor, pretty much similar to medicine, Czech girls idea!


It was really nice and all the dishes were delicious. I don't remember their names because some of them are very complicated.


These are our Polish girls, Gosia and Amelia. Amelia couldn't stop eating, it's ok, she hasn't see so different sort of foods together.


This was the most famous dish, cooked by Dee and Tantam from philipines. It was very good and it's well-known as black chicken.


Na zdraví! These are Kalina and Petra, from Czech Republic which cooked some Czech pancakes for us.


In the middle Neusa from Cape Verde, who cooked cachupa a typical dish from her island.



It was a really nice day!

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