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Where to eat in Praia a Mare

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Where to eat in Praia a Mare

Published by Ever changing horizon — 2 months ago

Where to eat in Praia a Mare?

Here is my ranking of the best restaurants in Praia a Mare:

The typical Italian cuisine is very good ... and also the typical Calabrian cuisine is very good !!!
In Praia a Mare there are a lot of restaurants!

1) In the first place, there is, for sure, the restaurant: "La Casetta Bianca".

It is located in Via Don Domenico Petroni, at the number 49. It is a very elegant restaurant. The location is wonderful!!! The dishes are very well presented and they are delicious!!! The ingredients are of the highest quality. The fish is always fresh!!!

The staff is extremely courteous and polite, super helpful. The service is perfect. The only negative thing is that this restaurant is open only during the summer months...or maybe just in the weekend during the winter months. Here is the teleohone number of the owner: +39 347 754 3991. So, you can call and check if "La Casetta Bianca" is open or not... The owners are fantastic people: super welcoming and very polite!!!

2) In the second place in summer, but in the first place in winter, there is the historic hotel-restaurant-pizzeria: "Le Arcate".

It is located in the center of Praia a Mare, exactly, in Via Filippo Turati, at the number 21. At the back of the restaurant, there is a fairly large and very useful parking, especially during the summer, when finding a space fot parking is a rather difficult undertaking. In addition, the restaurant parking is free, while to park on the main road you have to pay (be very careful because the police-men pass frequently and make big fines!!!). 

"Le Arcate" is one of the most popular restaurants in the area, open since 1968, but recently renovated both internally and externally. For its excellent dishes of the Calabrian cuisine and delicious fish dishes, it is also the choice of all the VIPs who pass through Praia a Mare. Moreover, a lot of events are organized with famous artists (actors, singers, politicians, models, comedians, etc.).

In addition to being able to enjoy delicious dishes of Calabrian cuisine, and seafood, you can also enjoy excellent meat dishes, or you can eat a delicious Neapolitan pizza!!! 




The menu offers a wide selection of dishes, all delicious, and prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients. The managers are perennially in contact with local markets and producers, to protect and support the economy of Praia a Mare, in addition to the quality of food and local tradition. All dishes are really good and are impeccably served! The service is great, and the staff is extremely qualified, as well as friendly and helpful. And prices are very good!!! 

Even the rooms of the hotel are always treated in detail and super clean. The structure is the ideal place to celebrate great occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, etc..

In front of the restaurant, there are a lot of bars and there is a new playground for children. I advise you to eat at "Le Arcate" and then take a walk along the large tree-lined avenue. In both directions there are many souvenir shops and at the end a large square with a fountain. While, crossing the road, in less than a minute on foot, you will find the beautiful sea of Praia a Mare... 

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