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Published by Mafalda J. Barata — 9 years ago

At some places in Coimbra you will find food trucks from “Psicológico”, among others, for a quick hot dog/hamburger after party at a low price.

But Psicológico now has its own restaurant outside Coimbra Stadium, with the same low prices, dinner plates and a very nice rock n' roll décor!

They also have stamping cards which gives you a free meal after a few visits, and the best part is that they are always open until 4 a. m.

At the door you will find the menu. Then you just have to go up the stairs, choose between the smoking or non-smoking zone, have a seat and wait for someone to take your order.

It´s close to the ESEC University and the Dolce Vita Shopping, to get there you may take the bus 24T or 37.

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