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Published by Mafalda J. Barata — 9 years ago

For a lot of students, it's where the night starts!

Mostly because until 00:00 you can have beer for 50 cent (in Portuguese it's cerveja, but we call a glass of beer "fino"), and it's located in the heart of the city: Praça da Républica.

If you go there in the morning you will find a typical bar/café on the left, and stores with products meant for the university students on the right.

Upstairs there's the Associação Académica de Coimbra (AAC) and the AAC Radio Station.

At night the music starts and you can go to the garden outside, with three bar stands, or just stay inside in a more party-like zone. You can watch this video to get a quick look of what i'm talking about.

It's very rare to have Fado (Portuguese traditional music) at the AAC bar, we just like it so much that it's present in the video and on the website.

There are no non-smoking areas here, they have a few 1€ shots and it stays open until 4 am.

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