Eramus in Sweden

I'm Giorgio a physics student from Turin.
I went in Sweden for 6 month from january to july 2016.
It was one of the best period in my lide. Firsty the campus is amazing.
No tuition fees for all the students from Europe and sauna, gym, pool, music room and a lot of facilities all for free! For exaple I joined the sailing university group and they showed me how to sail starting from zero.  I managed to do also a regata!

The university is super for the kindness of the prefessors, the beauty of the study rooms and library tools. They gave me also a scholarship for have passed two exams as foreigner student!

Than I loved the wonderful people that I met. they gave me a lot of energy, happines and positive feelings. We travelled a lot from norway to lappony, from Stockolm to Tallin.

I really enjoied all the trip, the contact with nature and the swedish attiude to sport and out activities.
I never feel lost or alone, there waseverytime someone to help me. Thare was a group of students only to help erasmus students that shiwed us Gotheborg.

I had a bath in an iced lake in lappony, I went on the top of a fiord in norway, I did a cruis to estony withonly students on it, I saw the northen light and a lots of other thing that I could continue per hours!!!

I really encourgae everyone to go there. The life is not that expensive as they speak; Instead you are plenty of facilites and services. I never had one problem, also when I lost my university card thay made me another one in 5 min for free!

It was the best period of my life <3

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