• Wish to study abroad? Come to Ireland and Experience the Warmest of Welcomes to Student all Over the World.

    Five reasons, why people choose to study at Marry Immaculata College: The idea of a fresh start, The dedication of the International office, The ease of applying, Less time, less money, more experience and the location.

  • Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires

    Teatro Colón Source The Teatro Colón is one of the biggest attractions within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which you cannot miss going to during your stay in the country or the capital city, alone. What would be even better would be to go to a performance...

    0 by Lottie, 3 years ago
  • Barrio de Retiro

    Barrio de Retiro is well known as it is the main link for the few railroads that exist in Buenos Aires, and for having the enormous bus station that connects you to the whole of Argentina, including to the north and practically the whole of South America, specifically...

    0 by Evie, 3 years ago

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