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Secrets for Workplace salary, how much do you know We interview are asked issues of how many salary had expected, Why the boss did not rise to the pay for my own or how to give yourself arise? What we should do when Encountered this problem or something that? First, what decision for your starting salary?

Howth company's salary adjustment? In the final analysis: region, industry, legit essay writing services, and education are a major factor in the decision for graduate starting salary.

1,Undergraduate students in the first class city starting to 3-5 million; Master 6-8 million; PhD usually 100,000 or more; the same degree, the same position, because of background, ability to lead the salary difference, usually no more than 10%.

2, internal support departments usually pay 90% of business; business is usually the highest sales revenue, sales revenue of about 60% fixed income, 40% of float income; Support French services income is usually the highest, followed byes the financial, personnel, etc.. 

3, general speaking, pay of manager is 3-4 times that of ordinary employees; director remunerations 2-3 times the manager; general manager of pay varies, but usually 2-3 times the director, in addition to stock, options and other long-term incentives.

4, general business once a year salary, the average salary increase at 8.5% of the company will be taken into account industry standards, corporate earnings situation and CPI and other factors. 

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