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Wine to serve.

Step 2:

This is what we brought but really you can put in whatever appeals to you. In my opinion, you can't skip the potatoes. We cooked them in salted boiling water for 20-25 minutes, then let them cool down a bit. Cooking the potatoes depends on what type you choose and their size. To see if they are cooked. you can cut one of them with a knife. It should be easy to pierce it.

The cheese can come in a block or pre-cut. We chose the easy option, but if you haven't, cut the cheese into pieces (which are not too thin nor too thick) and leave the rind. You can serve the pieces on a plate so that everyone can take cheese at the rate that they are eating.

A good idea is to serve this dish with a fresh salad because cheese contains more calories after cooking it.

Whilst putting all the ingredients on the table, all on separate dishes, you can start heating the raclette machine. Collect the raclettes, which are small spatulas over the part which heats up. It doesn't take long to heat up and be ready for use so don't get distracted!


Step 3 (important): eat

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