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Review on the Oldest Universities of the Planet

Have you ever considered that some modern research universities can be approximately a thousand years old? These ancient buildings, long-standing traditions, and rich historical background are the main features of such educational institutions. What makes them so distinctive is a recollection of traditions, which smoothly transitioned to the latest research practices. Now, you can be certain that upon entering these universities, you’ll be asked to write an admission paper. But who told you that it was any different a few centuries ago? That being said, let’s take a closer look at the top oldest universities on the planet. Read on!

University of Bologna

Believe it or not, Italy is the country that has given birth to the first-documented educational institution. In particular, the University of Bologna, founded in 1088, has never closed its doors since then. Its contemporary high rankings have proven its motto of being a “Nourishing Mother of the Studies” in a list of the best universities in Europe and worldwide. 

Based on dozens of review articles, this educational platform is still one of the most reliable and trustworthy institutions for getting a doctoral degree worldwide. Who wouldn’t like to start studying in one of the oldest and most prestigious places that have never been out of operations?

University of Oxford

When it comes to UK universities, a notable mention has always been the University of Oxford. This educational institution was founded somewhen in the time frame of 1096-1167, which is still an impressive proof that this place is one of the oldest universities on this planet. It has become an alma mater for dozens of UK Prime Ministers and both Nobel laureates and Prize winners. Although exact and legit historiography on the beginning of studies in Oxford remains unclear, the available sources claim that the education started either in 1096 or later on up until 1167. 

What makes this place be a top-notch institution is its approach to education. With dozens of writing assignments and essays to be submitted, the quality of education has never been questioned. With such a workload, some students are willing to get professional help with all those tasks and assignments. They can seek some help in a review, for instance, on a website that can help one tochoose where to order specialized academic help. You see, the long-standing traditions, alongside its reputation in the contemporary world, eventually make some students look for academic help, such as the one offered by freshessays. 

University of Salamanca

Let’s be honest, have you heard much about this academic institution? If no, it’s your mistake. This university was founded back in 1134, alongside becoming the first-ever opened high school in Spain. Throughout the course of its early development, this alma mater was given a Royal Charter in 1218, eventually making it the first institution that started its operations in Spain.

The good news is that this university has never really ceased its operations, alongside providing a fresh approach to attaining a degree there. Even though this academic institution isn’t really leading the top rankings in 2020, the prices for admission are still relatively high. 

What is more, based on dozens of reviews, the University of Salamanca is an institution that preserves its far-reaching history and reputation of the oldest academic platform in the Hispanic world. Have you known that this institution was a place where a famous Columbus ceased to obtain support for his expeditions back in the fifteenth century? 

Notable Mention

The University of al-Qarawiyyin, aka Al-Karaouine, is an academic institution that is, according to scholars, the oldest university in the world. It was established back in 859 in Fez, Morocco, with a status of the medieval madrasa. This religion-oriented school can still be considered a university, especially since the curriculum there was progressive. Since this institution is still disputed with its status, we just found it relevant to mention it in the list of the oldest universities, alongside the mentioned European sites.

In a Word As you can see, some of the oldest universities in the world still open their doors. Despite their far-reaching history and traditions, we do not doubt that the quality of education there exceeds all expectations. That’s why we sometimes recommend students to take a look at what academic assistance services, such as freshessays, can offer to boost your preparation for admission. Once you’re up for starting your academic career in the oldest schools globally, the mentioned sites are certainly worthy of consideration.

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