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Misconceptions about the aviation profession

  • For the Money 

If your motivation for becoming a pilot is a huge salary, you may be disappointed. Because aviation training is very expensive, and the starting salary for most regional flight trainers or pilots is minimal

  • For the award

In general, pilots are not rewarded for good flying. In fact, every performance should only be excellent to keep the passengers in the plane alive, so any flight that is not 100 percent perfect could mean your expulsion.

  • For the travel benefits

If you want to become a pilot to get travel benefits, you may be disappointed to know that the pilots work a lot and they don’t have time for fun. After the pilot has traveled all over the world, the last thing he wants to do at the time of the vacation is to fly again. Pilots like to stay home when they aren’t fly,

  • For the environment

When the pilot is outside work hours, the pilot usually can relax without thinking about work. But in the cockpit, the situation is different. Pilots must be at the top of their focus during each flight. The profession of a pilot is a profession filled with tension.

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