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How to get extra income with freelance writing?

Published by Taylor Guerrero — 15 days ago

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Freelance copywriting is sometimes a thankless job. If you stick with it you'll do your fair share of ghost-writing or work-for-hire (writing without official credit on behalf of an employer) gigs. Freelance copywriting jobs are often lucrative, thanks to the sheer number of copywriting jobs available on the open market and the demand to hire writers who can write persuasive copy to generate sales.

To be a successful freelance copywriter, you need to know how to write good, strong copy. This involves mastering the written word and understanding subtle psychology that persuade readers to act. If you think you have what it takes, many ad agencies, businesses, and affiliates will pay you competitive rates for your time. Freelance copywriters command hourly rates, and this remains true even if you do not have a college degree.

You can find a vast majority of freelance copywriting work through online job marketplaces, you can try to compare best paper writing services here. Many beginner copywriters find that authoring a blog showcasing writing samples and good SEO techniques can generate work and contacts with surprising regularity. Frequenting web-forums populated with working copywriters can also generate work, as copywriters often find themselves drowned in contracted jobs. Networking with other freelance copywriters can generate sub-contract work for you if you prove yourself reliable and skilled.

How do you tap into the lucrative freelance copywriting market?

First of all, always remember the self-explanatory philosophy that held David Ogilvy, one of the greatest advertisers of the twentieth century, in good stead: the best way to get new clients is to do amazing work for your current ones. Secondly, never underestimate the benefit of pro bono work. Doing pro bono freelance work for community projects not only win you good will, but volunteering your freelance talents can open doors with local small business owners and helps to bolster your portfolio – you can try to publish on Websites for computer gaming, motoring and other recreational pursuits often have time for volunteers. A body of published work is always going to look impressive. Finally, and most important, always have an online presence.

If you're going to sell your skills you have to make sure you have something to sell. Not everyone has a Midas touch with words. For those of us who struggle on occasion, I offer some tips to hone your copywriting skills:


Try to structure your writing in a strict manner. Name your paragraphs by what they should contain and make sure each one has a purpose. Introduce your subject, give some background, detail what exactly will appeal to the consumer in all of us, and then go in for the kill. Sure, it's hardly a model of spontaneity. While it lacks the free-flowing fluidity of improvised structure, there are fewer chances for distraction when you write copy that is direct and to the point.


Similarly, practice restricting your sentence length and word count. Stand back and, with the attitude of a surgeon, excise words from your tracts of text until your pitch is a model of efficiency. Streamline your writing until you can fit what you need to say into two hundred words, then a hundred, then fifty, then a sentence.


Finally, don't feel guilty about checking out the competition. When you find a piece of copy that draws you in, read it over carefully and study why it works. Incorporate phrases that close the deal for you into your articles while you make up some of your own.

Practice, as always, makes perfect. You can find freelance copywriting jobs within almost any industry (technology; automotive; health; biomedical; gaming; etc.), so ensure you diversify to maximize your job potential. Regular research and an understanding of key issues that affect your client will make all the difference in the world between average copy and keyword-rich, understandable, saleable prose.

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