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Heads up football fans

Published by maria king — 23 days ago

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Heads up soccer fans. World Cup or not, there are some basics to soccer betting. As you already know, oftentimes coming out ahead of the game (meaning more money in your pocket at the end of the day) is all about getting the basics right. A good place to start is with understanding that there are in fact three different ways to bet on football.

The first type of soccer bet is the money line bet. In this case, you are wagering that the team will win. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Take a look. So, let’s assume it looks like this. Assume that team C is up against team U. The board shows team C with a money line at plus 550 and team U with a minus 600. Further, say you are determined to bet on team U. That translates to you risking a full $600 for the possibility of winning $100. Get this, it doesn’t even matter how, when or why team U wins, only that they win.

The second type of soccer bet you will want to be familiar with is called betting on the draw. Just like it sounds, you are wagering that the entire game will be officially declared a Draw. Note that if the game ends up going to Penalty shots, golden goals or even some sort of disqualification involved, the draw bet is loser.

Lastly, in soccer betting, there are total goals bets. This type of betting is a bit more involved. Understand that the total listed on a game means the total number of goals scored. If you want to place this sort of wager, be aware that you must take either the Over or the Under. No matter what happens, at the end of the day it is the total number of goals scored that determine whether or not you walk away a winner or not.

One more point to understand about soccer betting is that all soccer betting is official once the scheduled time is over with. That means the full ninety minutes of regulation time (less the referee stoppages of course).

As you can see, soccer betting is remarkably similar to other sports betting. Now with a clear understanding of the basics you can walk up to your sports book in confidence that you know what you are talking about.

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