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Best areas in Dublin to live

So, when we ask students where would you like to live in Dublin, every student replies they want to be in Temple Bar, a penthouse apartment with a large single en-suite room, shared with nice people, including good wifi, kitchen and laundry...... and all for very reasonable price!

As recommended, we have stayed in this accommodation, however, in our opinion it's not cheap as weekly rates start from €150 in a shared room. But there are 3 balconies and the apartment is large... very large.


So, if you need advise for where to live, well here is a short description of the areas in Dublin city.


Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and has a population of 500, 000 (the greater Dublin area has an estimated population of 900, 000-1, 000, 000). Dublin is a modern European city with a young, vibrant population.


Dublin is a safe city but like any other city you need to take some precautions so you are not the victim of crime. Dublin is ranked as the 14th safest capital of the world according to Americanlivewire.

We know that safety is important and that’s why we have chosen our residences in areas which are known as safe.

Dublin City

Dublin City is centred on the river Liffey which divides the city into south and north, the city boundary is roughly defined by the Royal canal to the north and Grand canal to the south. The district area codes to the north of the Liffey are Dublin 1 and Dublin 7. To the south are Dublin 2 and Dublin 8.

Greater Dublin covers 114. 99 km2 (44. 40 sq mi). The centre measures approximately 3. 5km north to south or a walking distance of 45 minutes and 2. 5km east to west (30 minutes).


Dublin 1

Includes areas such as O’Connell Street, Dorset Street, Mountjoy Square, Parnell Square, IFSC (international financial services centre).

Shopping and entertainment areas include Henry Street, Capel Street and Parnell Street.

Dublin 7

Includes areas such as Phibsborough, Smithfield, Mater, North Circular Road.

Shopping and entertainment areas include Phibsborough and Smithfield.

Dublin 2

Includes areas such as Temple Bar, St Stephen’s Green, Trinity College, Grafton Street, Docklands, Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Square.

Shopping and entertainment areas include Temple Bar, Grafton Street, George Street, Hardcourt Street and Wexford Street.

Dublin 8

Includes areas such as Christchurch, Liberties, Portobello, South Circular Road

Shopping and entertainment areas include Thomas Street and Guinness Storehouse.

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