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Computer Entrepreneurship Bachelor (CEB)

IMMUNE Technology Institute (IMMUNE)

  • Location Madrid, Spain
  • Type of Degree BSc
  • Start Date Request info
  • Duration 3 years
  • Application Deadline Request info
  • Language Spanish
  • Attendance On Campus
  • Dedication Full-time
  • Pace Instructor-paced
  • Tuition fees 30600 €

Program description

Computer Science knowledge has never been in such demand. Last year alone in Europe, there were more than 600,000 high-paying positions in the tech industry waiting to be filled. By the end of the year, 51% of all STEM jobs are expected to be related to cutting edge technology. Technology and coding are the base for innovation in almost all industries. The truth of the matter is that computer programming has become the new standard for measuring literacy in the 21th-century.

Become a full-stack engineer in 3 years

Learn with a practical 3-year program that combines Software Engineering with Humanities where the content adapts to the needs of the market thanks to collaborations with top technology companies.

Who is this program for?

Student profile:

  • Young people who are defining their career and their future (16-22 years).
  • Anyone at a crossroad in their life, willing to redefine their professional trajectory (16 - 30 years).
  • Self-taught programmers who wants to strengthen their coding abilities. (16 - 30 years).
  • Entrepreneurial spirits who have the ambition to set up their own technological startup.

What will you learn?

The academic program is designed for a Full-Stack training. You will acquire training in subjects such as mathematics or statistics; as well as in technological matters such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, cybersecurity or operating systems.

You will be able to conceive, develop and maintain software systems and applications using various programming languages ​​and methods.

You will develop centralized or distributed computing architectures integrating hardware, software and networks. You can also assess the accessibility, usability and security of computer systems, applications and services, as well as the information they provide.

Why Immune?

  • 100% Employability.
  • 9 months of paid internships in technology companies.
  • We detect what the market is demanding through our boards so you will always have an updated academic program.
  • We prepare you for self-learning so that you are able to adapt to the jobs of the future.
  • Direct contact with companies. As if it were a professional environment, we offer you a pedagogical approach that is not limited to lessons, but preparing you to the demands of the labor market.
  • Unique IMMUNE methodology.


Case to be solved

Instead of carrying out autopsy-like examinations on typical "case studies, " we provide students with the opportunity to acquire work experience by tackling and developing clever solutions to real challenges provided by our corporate partners.

Learning by doing

We encourage our students to have a clear grasp of how technology impacts organizations and provide them with projects to help them turn intellectual understanding into actionable strategies.

Peer to Peer Learning

Professional success is deep-rooted in collaboration, openness, reciprocal relations and community, all of which is reflected in every step of the learning process.

Human sciences and Soft skills

Advances in technology force all of us to confront questions about what really means to be human. This is why all of our programs include 20 % of Human Sciences modules, so that we can expand understanding of the world through a broad interdisciplinary approach.

Continous Learning

Transformation is the only constant in technology. This is why we keep up to date our programs and maintain them at the forefront of the latest innovations and their applications.

Innovative assessment

Instead of traditional test scores, we measure success with performance-based feedback that provides meaningful and detailed insights on their progress.

Master enough

Our programs go beyond that of the typical academy experience. We dive deeper into different subjects to help students to emerge as well-rounded professionals, ready to take on the workforce.


We promote motivation as an engine of learning, bringing to the classes an agile learning dynamic. We encourage boundless curiosity, a proactive attitude, and nonconformity.

Scholarships & Financing

From IMMUNE we offer you alternative financing lines and a complete scholarship plan.

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