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Erasmus places

  • Free Walking tour in Tallinn Old Town

    Waypoint Tallinn is doing a free walking tour in Tallinn The tour is in English and lasts for two hours. STARTS FROM: Fat Margaret's Tower ( HIGHLIGHTS: The Three Sisters / Oleviste Church / Toompea Hill & Castle / House of Parliament /...

    0 by Kristjan, in What to do Tallinn, 2 days ago
  • Santa Bárbara Castle

    Recently I have been to Alicante city, the capital of the province and the second capital of the Valenciana community, after Valencia. I will explain the monuments there in more detail, such as Santa Barbara Castle. How to get there There are multiple ways to access...

    0 by Amy, in What to see Alicante, 2 days ago
  • La Torre de la Horadada

    General Information La Torre de la Horadada is a beach town located on the Mediterranean sea which can be found in Alicante, and belongs to the Pilar de la Horadada municipality. However, it is very close to the Murcia region, just above the beaches on the Mar Menor,...

    0 by Amy, in What to do Alicante, 3 days ago
  • air bar

    If you are a kind of person who is searching for local, cosy, friendly and economic place Air bar (balo sk 25/a) is just for you.. Kind Staff ( İtalian and English speaking), good music and lots of fun!! Dart and table games ( taboo, jenga etc.) Open between 12:30 p.m....

    0 by Dilara, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Istanbul, 5 days ago

    Location: sector 105, row 8! 200€ - On Thursday 21st July. E-format. This is the only time that Rihanna will be in Spain for the Anti World tour. The seats are very close to the stage. I got the receipt to prove it. I bought 4 but the other couple who was coming cant...

    0 por %s, in Erasmus party Barcelona, 7 days ago
  • Mandala

    Salamanca is a city like no other. Its size allows for tourists to easily walk around the entire city, losing themselves in the city only to find themselves once again in the deepest corners of the golden city. My friends and I found ourselves extremely tired after an...

    0 by Daniele, in Where to eat Salamanca, 8 days ago
  • Majestic Donut Cafe

    Best donuts and cronuts in town ready to be stuffed for your pleasure!! Special macarons, cup cakes and candies and sweet prices!! Alexandrou Svolou is the street of students with lot of coffe shops, nice food and pubs for night life!

    0 by maria, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Thessaloniki, 16 days ago
  • Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens

    Peter Pan, the hero of our childhood, at least mine anyway. Who hasn't dreamed of going to visit Never Ever Land? I grew up watching Disney films and this story set in London was always one of my favourites. Years passed by and then someone special came into my life...

    0 by Amy, in What to see London, 20 days ago
  • O Tasquinha dos Sabores

    A Tasquinha dos Sabores Are you looking for some traditional tapas restaurant in Porto? If yes, A Tasquinha dos Sabores is a good option for you for sure. Actually it’s one of the first restaurants in Porto where I ate tapas. The interior of this restaurant looks very...

    0 by Ambra, in Where to eat Porto, 22 days ago
  • Open Kitchen Market

    Open Kitchen is a food market in Ljubljana that brought most needed culinary freshness to our capital. It's been four years and it is still developing, changing, improving and it is getting more and more popular among citizens and tourists as well. Fridays in Ljubljana...

    0 by Janja, in Where to eat Ljubljana, 22 days ago
  • Romanian Village Museum

    Interested in history and architecture? Want to know how people used to live in Romania? To find these answers visit Village Museum in Bucharest, where you will have a chance to walk in the village of Romanian history. Village Museum is one of the oldest open-air...

    0 by Janja, in What to see Bucharest, 22 days ago
  • Street Food Copenhagen

    Street Food Copenhagen is located on Paper Island, where you can easily get with bus no. 9 or walking from Metro station Christianshavn. From there you will have great view over to the Nyhavn, Opera house, Royal Playhouse. Just next door is a science center...

    0 by Janja, in Where to eat Copenhagen, 22 days ago
  • Foster's Hollywood

    Although I have finished the “my favourite places to eat out in Salamanca” series, there is still one restaurant I wanted to write about. The reason why it did not made it to my list is that I have been there only one single time, which is not enough time to call it...

    0 by Noémi, in Where to eat Salamanca, 22 days ago
  • Cabo de Palos

    A general overview of Cabo de Palos Cabo de Palos is located in Murcia, just next to La Manga (which I have spoken about in another post) and belongs to the municipal of Cartagena. It is a coastal town, in South East Spain and is on the Mediterranean Sea. Firstly, I...

    0 by Amy, in What to do Murcia, 22 days ago
  • Central Park

    The park is made up of several lakes, theatres, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts, baseball fields, many playgrounds and other facilities. It is also home of the Central Park Zoo and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Especially during weekends, which is when cars are...

    0 by Amy, in What to see New York, 23 days ago
  • El bando de la huerta

    El Bando de la Huerta is the most important festival of Spring in Murcia. The Spring festivals of Murcia are always celebrated the week after Semana Santa (Easter week), and el Bando de la Huerta is celebrated on the Tuesday of this week. I am going to tell you what El...

    0 by Amy, in Erasmus party Murcia, 23 days ago
  • McDonald's

    You know McDonald's is on the first place in the fast food restaurants in the whole world and it's really popular in Georgia, too. Even if there have been some Wendy's and Dunkin Donuts and KFC opened in Tbilisi these past years, McDonald's still remains the most...

    0 by Salome, in Where to eat Tbilisi, 24 days ago
  • Casa dos Waffles

    Casa dos Waffles Porto Located in the main shopping street of Porto (Rua Santa Catarina), you have the waffles house of Porto. The same cafe already existed for over ten years, but in Póvoa de Varzim (sub-region of Porto). The new one in the city center of Porto exists...

    0 by Ambra, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Porto, 24 days ago
  • Munchie - The Burger Kitchen

    Munchie hamburgers The hamburgers at Munchies are cheap, very tasty and natural. The restaurant is located in the city center of Porto. The space is quite small, so not many people fit in there. But many people don’t mind to wait outside to get a place at Munchies....

    0 by Ambra, in Where to eat Porto, 24 days ago
  • Copas Rotas

    ¡Vamos a animar un poquito la vuelta de vacaciones!¿Qué mejor para practicar tu inglés que una buena conversación en nuestro Copas Rotas de la Calle Toledo? Queremos que disfrutes, que te lo pases bien y que además mejores tu inglés. Comparte tu tiempo con gente...

    0 by Copas, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Madrid, 24 days ago

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