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Erasmus places

  • La Sagrada Familia

    I think that every single one of us immediately thinks of Gaudi when someone mentions Barcelona. And with a reason – this guy was undoubtedly a pure genious. Almost anywhere you go in Barcelona, you will encounter some of his masterpieces. Several tour companies in...

    0 by Katja, in What to see Barcelona, 11 hours ago
  • Coachella Fest

    Coachella Fest is one of the best weekends you will have! Coachella consists of a three-day event with many musical performances. Coachella is now also two weekends in the month of April. Coachella Fest is located in the Coachella valley in Indio. It is held on the polo...

    0 by Lauren, in What to do Coachella, 12 hours ago
  • Rick

    A place where you can socialize with your friends, watch football games, make parties and meet new colleagues. I arrived since two weeks to Braga, and this place suits me very well. They do some Lebanese Food occasionally and offer "Shisha" which is rarely found in...

    0 by Ziad, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Braga, 18 hours ago
  • Abaco, Bahamas

    Treasure Cay is my favorite island in the Bahamas. It is so beautiful and is not full of tourists. It was also voted one of the best beaches in the world! The Bahamas are spectacular; the water is crystal clear and the sand so perfect! There are so many different...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see Cooper's Town, 1 day ago
  • San Carlos

    Next to Hermosillo is a beach city called San Carlos. This city is amazing and it is so beautiful! there are a lot of hotels right on the beach you can stay in. one of my favorite bars here is the Soggy Peso. This bar is so fun and is right on the water! It is a typical...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see Hermosillo, 1 day ago
  • Fourth Avenue

    4TH AVENUE This street is between the university and the downtown area; you can actually take it to get downtown. This is a very fun street filled with bars, shops, and restaurants. This street is famous because it has a lot of thrift shops as well as unique...

    0 by Lauren, in Where to eat Tucson, 1 day ago
  • Oktoberfest

    The Oktoberfest in Munich is the biggest beer festival in the world and something everybody who has the chance should at least visit once in a lifetime. It is the role model of all beer festivals in the world, where it is copied many times all around the globe. But the...

    0 by Charlotte, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Munich, 1 day ago
  • Tucson

    The Foothills is a nicer area of Tucson with nice restaurants shops and lots of homes. This is considered the higher end part of Tucson. Arizona-Sonora desert museum- I really enjoy this museum because you can learn so much about Arizona and its history. This museum...

    0 by Lauren, in What to see Tucson, 1 day ago
  • The panoramic elevator

    Despite the fact that Koper is a small coastal city, it offers surprisingly a lot of interesting sights. And, as you have probably guessed from reading my previous entries, I really like visiting different kinds of viewpoints, because this way, I can get a different...

    0 by Katja, in What to see Koper, 1 day ago
  • La Font Màgica

    I have recently moved to Barcelona to do a traineeship here. And I was amazed by this beautiful city from the first moment. When I took a taxi from the airport to my new flat, I was sticking my face to the window all the time, admiring the city that I will call home for...

    0 by Katja, in What to see Barcelona, 2 days ago
  • The Grad viewpoint

    Whenever I travel to a new place, I am always very excited when I see that the city itself has some viewpoints that allow you to see its beauties from above. But not only cities, also small villages happen to have viewpoints. Even my hometown has a few of them. There...

    0 by Katja, in What to see Nova Gorica, 2 days ago
  • Slaščičarna/Pasticceria Dehar

    Slaščičarna / pasticceria Dehar is situated at the very beginning of the Čevljarska ulica in Koper, which is one of the most popular and busy spots in the entire city, especially during summer time. I am not sure what exactly is the reason that makes this place so...

    0 by Katja, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Koper, 4 days ago
  • harvest pizza

    The best pizza shop in zografou very cheap and they have lots of offers for students the shop is near by mikel zografou on the road diakrias 3.they have a very intresting meniu pizza macaroni and salads.the best pizza is PIZZA CARNONARA,the best macaroni is CARBONARRA...

    0 by Alexandru, in Where to eat Athens, 4 days ago
  • Selimiye Mosque

    We have highway approximately 2.5 hours bus ride from Istanbul and went first to the Selimiye Mosque. The Selimiye Mosque is the highest hill in the city appears at each point. Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is the symbol of a work of art with magnificent architecture....

    0 by Dermin, in What to see Edirne, 5 days ago
  • Downtown

    Downtown area in Tucson is a lot of fun! Its very different and it is in the process or developing and becoming very popular right now. There are a lot of amazing restaurants to eat as well as many nightclubs and shopping. Downtown restaurants Café Poca Cosa- this...

    0 by Lauren, in Where to eat Tucson, 5 days ago
  • University Street

    UNIVERSITY STREET This place is a lot of fun to go watch a game, go out on the town, or eat! There is also a ton of shops on this street too and little coffee cafes. The Marriot is also located right here so if you are staying in Tucson this is a great place to stay...

    0 by Lauren, in Where to eat Tucson, 5 days ago
  • Central Park

    The Central Park in New York is probably one of the most famous parks in the world (if not THE most famous one). It is situated in the middle of New York City in Manhatten. There is hardly any place that I can think of that appears in more movies than the Central Park...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see New York, 5 days ago
  • Baška Beach

    When someone says to you: 'I know a perfect sandy beach!', Croatia is probably the last place you would think of. But I have been vacationing in Croatia every summer when I was younger, with my parents, of course, and we have discovered some beautiful beaches, that even...

    0 by Katja, in What to see Zadar, 5 days ago
  • El Quince de San Bernabe

    A very charm place where homemade food is amazing and the manager speaks english, french, and italian, in the center of Oviedo. Daily lunch per 5,90.                                                                        great...

    0 by Diego, in Where to eat Oviedo, 6 days ago
  • Arepa Bar Nou Drome Bar&Cafeteria

    Hey everyone,  we want for our Arepa Bar Nou Drome to be the point for erasmus meetings as well as for the international community that lives and visits Elche. So come visit us and enjoy, have a great time and meet friendly people while having a drink and tapa.  we...

    0 by Nou, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Elche (Elx), 6 days ago

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