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  • belwederes.hera hotel

    Hello every body My name is Ramin & 26 year old with 180 high and 79 kg weight ,,I am studing in MsC degree in warsaw university in physical chemistry 

    0 by Ramin, in Erasmus party Warsaw, 1 day ago
  • 'Delengua' School

    I stayed at the Delengua School for six weeks, and I don't regret a thing about choosing this school. There's nothing like this place for learning Spanish! The teaching staff are extremely professional; they always listen and help in the slightest of difficulties. The...

    0 by Mireille, in What to see Granada, 2 days ago
  • Tor Vergata Business Administration

    The Master of Science in Business Administration (Laurea Magistrale- LM 77) is a two-year programme taught entirely in English at University of Rome Tor Vergata, internationally open, practice-oriented and job-market driven. It provides for a solid management background...

    0 by Curly, in What to do Rome, 9 days ago
  • El Camborio Club

    On behalf of all the staff of El Camborio, we would like to welcome you all to Granada! We hope to see you very soon for the Number 1 Club Night for Erasmus students in Granada: El Camborio! You can't miss out on the Opening Party of our Erasmus party on Thursdays: F***...

    0 by Mireille, in Erasmus party Granada, 10 days ago
  • Flamme Rouge Café

    Now, during these days of little rain and cloudy weather, it feels less likely to get out and meet collegues or a good book discovery downtown Athens, but fortunately there are places which you can always enjoy that coffee, even beside the rain (for rain lovers). The...

    0 by Julia, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Athens, 10 days ago
  • Kölner Dom (Cathedral)

    The Kölner Dom ist the most popular sight in beautiful crowded and loud Cologne. It's architecture is stunning and it's definitely worth a visit. Also it is close to Cologne's  main shopping street with many bars, cafes and shops.                        ...

    0 by Marika, in What to see Koeln, 13 days ago
  • Calle Gran Vía

    Madrid's Gran Via is well-known by Spaniards everywhere, we've all either heard about it or have actually been there, but for those of you who have not had the good fortune of visiting it, I'll provide you with a short summary. This street is located in the dead-centre...

    0 by Daniele, in What to do Madrid, 14 days ago
  • Teatro Kapital

    In the Kapital Madrid... Oh Madrid! So nice day and night, full of life and young people desiring some fun. Every weekend you see people from all around the world flock to the city centre with one common goal: a great night of dancing. Nearly six months have gone by...

    0 by Daniele, in Erasmus party Madrid, 15 days ago
  • Indalo Tapas

    I've been to Indalo Tapas several times, and I love it. With a beer, you get the opportunity to choose a tapa (in other bars they give you a pre-selected tapa and if you like it, good, and if you don't, too bad), and this isn't the norm for Madrid. The waiters are...

    0 by Daniele, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Madrid, 15 days ago
  • Van Gogh Hostel

    Do you travel to the Netherlands? Are you asking yourself where are you going to stay? I recommend you to stay at the Van Gogh Hotel. Surely, I don't know many hotels, as the Van Gogh Hotel is the only place I have been to and only for couple of days, so don't rely on...

    0 by Flavia, in Where to sleep Amsterdam, 18 days ago
  • Praia de Matosinhos Beach

    Matosinhos is Porto's main beach. A long stretch of fine sand backed by apartment blocks, an esplanade and any number of small cafes it is pleasant enough. In the summer there's always some sort of activity on the beach and the lifeguard service makes for safe...

    0 by João, in What to do Matosinhos, 21 days ago
  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka II Today I have few extra experience about Sri Lanka: The cities in Sri Lanka were not anything special. Kandy was one of the nicest ones. We spent two nights there and we tried some restaurants, we were walking and then we continued. I thought that I would...

    0 by Barbarka, in What to see Colombo, 24 days ago
  • Tunisia

    Hello all! I already wrote about many different special and unique places among Europe (Graz, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, Helsinki, Vienna, Berlin) and the United States (New York, Rochester, the city of Niagara Falls). There’s only one day left of this Erasmusu...

    0 by Dóra, in What to see Tunis, 26 days ago
  • Park Klub

    ¡10zl (2, 34€) and a free beer bar for 4 hours! What more can you ask for? Park Klub is the bar with the best Erasmus atmosphere in all of Varsovia in regards to Wednesday's. It's an easy option when you don't know where to go out, there's always a party going on...

    0 by Elizabeth, in Erasmus party Warsaw, 26 days ago
  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka I Why Sri Lanka? I would like to talk about my biggest travelling adventure to Sri Lanka. It all happened in summer 2015. When I started to work more often in my second year at the university I realized that I might undertake longer and more adventurous tour...

    0 by Barbarka, in What to see Sri Aman, 26 days ago
  • Paris

    I always wanted to visit Paris. They say it is the most romantic city in Europe. During my French classes at high school I heard about this city a lot of information. Our teacher was crazy about France and she knew everything about cities, people and habits in France....

    0 by Barbarka, in What to see Paris, 26 days ago
  • Városliget

    Hello all! Városliget for me represents a nostalgic world just like Margaret island. I was enormously sad, when I heard that the city administration hand in hand with architectures are willing to influence Városliget, and make changes in its appearance. Any kind of...

    0 by Dóra, in What to see Budapest, 26 days ago
  • Prague Castle

    Prague trip There is only one trip missing that I have not talked about. Prague. During my staying in France, we did many trips – to Brugge, Disneyland, London, Paris, Dublin, Bordeaux, Lyon, Porto, Lisbon, but also to Prague. When we had our introduction week,...

    0 by Barbarka, in What to see Prague, 27 days ago
  • Cojocna salt lakes

    Hello all! In my previous post I’ve already written about swimming pools and recreational complexes at Cluj-Napoca ( Now time has come to get out into the wild, and experience...

    0 by Dóra, in What to do Cluj-Napoca, 27 days ago
  • Császár-Komjádi, Hajós Alfréd and Kispesti swimming pools

    Hello all! I love swimming, and anywhere I go in the World with ERASMUS, if I have the opportunity, I visit a swimming complex. I think that a country’s bathing culture and bathing habits reflect the entire society's mentality. In my previous post I’ve already...

    0 by Dóra, in What to do Budapest, 27 days ago

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