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Erasmus places

  • The burnt church

    Dresden is a city in the South-East Germany, one of the most atmospheric and beautiful cities I have been during my travelling in Europe. The burnt church of Dresden is a really great sign of the history of the place and its really interesting to visit. Anyone can reach...

    0 by Dresden, in Qué hacer Dresden, 8 hours ago
  • Spolem

    Spolem is a place I like to party regularly. It is perfectly locaated near the Szczepański square, loads of nice restaurants and other pubs near by. Spolem is an underground place, with a nice decor ( old communist uniforms, gas masks...) and friendly staff. If you...

    0 by , in Café, coctel, cerveza Krakow, 9 hours ago
  • Cetatea Poienari

    Poienari fortress The ruins of the fortress at Poenari majestically rise 1440 steps high above the Arefu village.  Said to once have been Dracula’s castle, today they are just another interesting place for my followers to visit. The 1780 steps are no metaphor, there...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué ver Pitesti, 9 hours ago
  • Drežnica

    Drežnica is my ex-hometown and a place where my parents and grandparents live. I was living there for 18 years, then I moved to Koper. Drežnica is a really small town, located at the very west of the country, and it is surrounded by four even smaller towns –...

    0 by Katja, in Qué ver Nova Gorica, 12 hours ago

    HANNIGAN&SONS We are talking about an Irish pub, near to Plaza Nueva en Granada. If you want to enjoy an unique place, with good music and diverse drinks you should stop someday at HANNIGAN&SONS. I was imppresed by the music I have listened there: Madonna,...

    0 by Patricia, in Dónde comer Granada, 19 hours ago
  • Stephane Bar

    In this place you can find normal beers and tremoços as much as you want, but this you can find in every bar in Portugal. What you can find here is the sensation of being at home, the sensation of having a new, younger, crazier and passionate family. In this place...

    0 by Antonio, in Fiesta Erasmus Braga, 1 day ago
  • Boatyard Bar

    Boatyard bar is situated in the Carlisle bay, just next to Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. It is said to be the best bar in the Caribbean. I mean, I was only on three Caribbean islands so far, but for now it seems to be true. Before I went to Barbados, I only...

    0 by Katja, in Qué hacer Bridgetown, 1 day ago
  • Praia de Miramar

    If you want to see the most beautiful beach go to Miramar, a little town close to Porto, Portugal. Don't exist words to describe the view with the ocean, the chapel and the little city with amazing houses. I want to marry there! Also is a road across the beach and you...

    0 by Andreea, in Qué ver Miramar, 1 day ago
  • Playa Cala Comtesa

    If you are thinking to go to Plama de Mallorca or you are already here and you are looking for a nice beach to spend your day with your friends or your half, well you should defentely take a look to Cala Comtesa. I have been to this beautiful beach in Mallorca more then...

    0 by Pierpaolo, in Qué ver Palma de Mallorca, 1 day ago
  • Cupcake Corner

    I used to go through this week every day to go to work and as a sweet amateur it was hard not to stop there every day ! Fortunately for my health I couldn’t afford it ;) This is actually the only downside of this place located on two steps away from the main...

    0 by , in Dónde comer Krakow, 1 day ago
  • Przystanek Pierogarnia

    Ok not the easiest name to pronounce if you have no knowledge whatsoever of Polish but I strongly recommend the place! This is the best restaurant in Krakow to taste one of the most famous national dish : “Pierogi” (sort of dumplings). No risk of frozen pierogi...

    0 by , in Dónde comer Krakow, 1 day ago
  • Pizzeria Letni Vrt

    Pizzeria and Restaurant Letni vrt is in Bovec, Slovenia. Bovec itself is situated in a place with one of the best sceneries I have ever seen. (There was no option to list Bovec, so I put the nearest place possible). I was there on my holidays last summer. They have a...

    0 by Katja, in Dónde comer Kranj, 1 day ago
  • Bierhalle

    Bierhalle is a place in manufaktura where you can eat and drink a big beer!! You will see a beautiful and tastefully decorated restaurant and the employees are dressed with a special silhouette! There you can also find a good espresso!! And I can ensure you that it's...

    0 by Ilda, in Dónde comer Lodz, 1 day ago
  • Lordi's club & FOO FOO bar

    Lordi's club & FOO FOO bar is a club where you can have fun and dance all night long!!! It's the best sound club ever and have a lot of thematic parties on wednesdays to Erasmus people, and you have free entrance (but if you enter before midnight they offer you a...

    0 by Ilda, in Fiesta Erasmus Lodz, 1 day ago
  • Hell's Kitchen

    Hell's Kitchen is a place where you can eat like a lord and feel like at home! I love their pastas and bacon burgers, so delicious!! It's a comfortable place to meet new people and drink a beer! You can also play table football or darts! And finally you have free Wi-Fi...

    0 by Ilda, in Dónde comer Lodz, 1 day ago
  • Seven Pub

    Every Thursday I go there to meet new foreign people with who to put in practice my english and also to teach Spanish. After almost a year I can say I improved a lot my vocabulary and meet new friends from different countries. Cheap bear and friendly atmosphere... Then,...

    0 by Jorge, in Café, coctel, cerveza Valencia, 1 day ago
  • Étretat

    Étretat is best known for its cliffs, including three natural arches and the pointed "needle". These cliffs and the associated resort beach attracted artists including Eugène Boudin, Gustave Courbet and Claude Monet, and were featured prominently in the 1909 Arsène...

    0 by Naveen Kumar, in Qué ver Upper Hutt, 1 day ago
  • The wall

    The wall is one of the places you "must" see if you are in Berlin. Built in 1961 to separate West Berlin from East Berlin, the wall was completely destroyed on Thursday 9th November 1989 by GDR citizens, after a series of protests in the whole soviet block, becoming a...

    0 by angelo, in Qué ver Berlin, 1 day ago
  • Covent Garden

    Covent garden is a place with the metro station, lots of luxury shop and also economic shop. You can relax there and see particular things, like the royal opera house, that is the theatre of the royal academy of dance of London, the first academy.  Then, there are lots...

    0 by Martina, in Qué ver London, 1 day ago
  • Nowa Huta

    When you mention Nowa Huta in Krakow you get two different answers. Either : “ it is such a great place, a bit grunge, anti-conformist, a place for artists…” or a simple “ this place is ugly, just a remain of Krakow’s communist past”.                ...

    0 by , in Qué ver Krakow, 1 day ago

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