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Erasmus places

  • Copacabana

    The Praia Copacabana, counts to one of the most famous beaches of the whole world. It is situated in the neighboorhood of the same name "Copacabana" in Rio de Janeiro and is about 4 km long. For the inhabitants of Rio, the Copacabana is not just a beach like any other....

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Rio de Janeiro, 2 days ago
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

    Looking at the rest of the city of Valcenia, the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias doesn't really seems to fit in. As many other spanish cities, Valencia has a typical oldtown, with lots of beautiful buildings, squares, churches, etc. But if you go from the city...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Valencia, 2 days ago
  • Havana Student Accommodation

    The Student Residence is located in Vedado's neighborhood, on Street E no. 307 between 13 and 15. It has four en-suite rooms for individual, double or triple use. 


 - Personal Bed in single, double or triple bedroom. 
- Air...

    0 by Miguel, in What to do Havana, 5 days ago
  • KölnTriangel Panorama

    It is more than time that I finally share a place in the beautiful Cologne with you, a city that has become my adoptive home in the last three years. After living so long in Cologne I can tell you that it has become one of my favorite cities, that has so many great...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Koeln, 5 days ago
  • Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon is situated in the United States, more precisely in the state of Arizona. It is a huge canyon, that is about 450 kilometers long and is named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It gives you the most spectacular views and is one of the most visited national...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Phoenix, 6 days ago
  • National Park Cahuita

    On the caribbian coast of Costa Rica in between of Limón and Puerto Viejo you find a tiny town called Cahuita, which pretty much just consists of a couple of houses and a national park. But that national park is, hands-down, one of the most beautiful places i have...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see San Jose, 6 days ago

    Every Wednesday and Saturday, Stoke Travel hosts an epic party on a boat! A boat, beer and sangria and a sunset. 30euro, and if you use the promocode ROSE while booking, the alcohol is umlimited.Code valid for all Stoke Travel products.  www.stoketravel.comcome one,...

    0 by Hayley, in Erasmus party San Sebastian, 8 days ago

    Every Wednesday and Saturday nights from 8-10pm, Stoke Travel runs a boat party booze cruise. 30euro, beer and sangria and a sunset cruise...what more could you ask for?  For UNLIMITED FREE alcohol, book with the code: ROSE  Add me on facebook to find out more info...

    0 by Hayley, in Erasmus party San Sebastian, 8 days ago
  • Gato Negro (Espit Chupito)

    A night out without a "chupito" (shot) in Barcelona, is not a real night out in Barcelona! In the city you find plenty of bars offering a wide range of different chupitos and today I want to present to you one of my favorites: El Gato Negro. The bar belongs to the...

    0 by Charlotte, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Barcelona, 8 days ago
  • La Alhambra y Generalife

    If we think of Granada, the first thing that comes into our mind is the Alhambra. The huge palace complex is one of the most known and visited places in Andalusia. I made a trip to the south of Spain during my stay in Barcelona and today I am going to tell you why the...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Granada, 9 days ago
  • The Graslei

    As I am from Belgium, I want to share with you today one of my favorite places in my country. Ghent is in the flamish Part of Belgium, and in my opinion just as beautiful as the more well known Bruges. It is situated in between of the capital  Brussels and Bruges....

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Gent, 10 days ago
  • Burge Khaliffa

    This is paradise on earth, i was super impressed the first time i set my feet there. the buildings were lovely, what got me thinking was the calibar of cars, you know honestly, i  thought i was playing need for speed, onbiously this is a place of excess wealth. the...

    0 by Joachim , in What to see Dubai, 11 days ago
  • Bunker del Carmel, Turò de la Rovira

    After living for 5 months in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Bunker del Carmel (often just known as "Bunkers") has become one of my favorite places in the city. There are quite a lot of places from where you can get a nice view on the city..The most known ones are...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Barcelona, 12 days ago
  • Joaquina Beach

    As a boardsport lover normally moving on snow or water, this was something completely new to me when I travelled to Brazil: sandboarding. The principle is pretty much like on snow: board under the feet and down the mountain! Just that here the "snow" is not cold at...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to do Florianópolis, 13 days ago
  • Stroll in the mountains: La Fuensanta

    If you want to go for a stroll through the forest or the mountains (and I mean stroll rather than a full-on hike), then look no further than Fuensanta. I walk which can take between two hours and five hours. You start at Fuensanta and end up wherever you want. For me...

    0 by Jake, in What to see Murcia, 13 days ago
  • La Pared, Fuerteventura

    Fuerteventura is one of the seven islands of the Canaries. It is known for its great wind and waves, the perfect spot for watersports lover. On the south-west coast of the island there is a small beach that is known by many for its great swell and beautiful surf: La...

  • Singnorvino

    With such a central location you could be forgiven for assuming this would be a tourist trap, surprisingly it is packed with locals. At only €10 for a bottle of prosecco you should now understand why this was my second home in Milano. During the winter season it...

    0 by Amanda, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Milano, 14 days ago
  • Karambezi Cafe

    Perfect Indian Ocean in a cliff. Wonderful Location!!! Since the opening of the 5-star Sea Cliff Hotel back in 1999, the Karambezi Café rests tranquilly right on the ocean cliff. Surrounded by a panoramic 180 degree view of the majestic Indian Ocean, this restaurant...

    0 by Halil İbrahim, in Where to eat Dar Es Salaam, 14 days ago
  • Monte Urgull

    First of all I have to say that San Sebastian is definitely one of my favorite cities! I have been there many times and I can seriously not get enough of this place! The beautiful oldtown with all its cute little streets, bars and tapas places..ohhh the...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to do San Sebastian, 15 days ago
  • La Gitana Loca

    Well, if you are from the North, like me, you will find Spain is a damn cheap place to eat. You'd easily find tapas and cheap drinks everywhere. However, La Gitana Loca is a place where tapas are sold at 1 - 4 euros and alcohol from 0.5 euros. I do not have much money...

    0 by Mia , in Where to eat Sevilla, 15 days ago

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