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Erasmus places

  • San Agustín Gourmet

    San Agustín Gourmet is a new gastronomic concept located in Mercado de San Agustin, in the heart of Granada, closed to Cathedral, Gran Via and Garcia Lorca Museum. In Granada there aren't more restaurants like this.       You can choose from over 600 varieties of...

    0 by Irene, in Dónde comer Granada, 21 hours ago
  • Gardaland Dolphin Show

    You have several places in Europe, where you can watch dolphin shows, and you can see a really good show in the Gardaland amusement park in Italy. The entry fee for the dolphin show itself costs five Euros and it takes place once in every few hours. Besides the entry...

    0 by Katja, in Qué ver Verona, 3 days ago
  • Agapia Monastery

    This summer I visited the monastery of Agapia, a location where I arrived for the first time this year. I read before on the internet special impressions regarding the objective, several friends have recommended the area, but I must admit that the impression that I had...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué ver Suceava, 4 days ago
  • Silver Mountain Hotel Resort & SPA.

    I spent a very beautiful time in Hotel thermal spa in Poiana Brasov, at the hotel Mountain Hotel Resort SPA.  I write these lines because I was pleasantly impressed with what I found there. It is located in a great location, not in the heart of the resort, where it can...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué hacer Brasov, 4 days ago
  • Mucin Mountains

    If I tell you I don't think I can build the real image, but you can imagine that these mountains were some towering volcanoes that have left behind an enormous granitic massif, on which water (rainfall, Frost, etc.) and the wind systematically crushed it. And how this...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué ver Bucharest, 4 days ago
  • Skydive Portorož

    Skydive Portorož is the only dropzone, that is located at the small Slovenian coast. And since the Slovenian coast is only about fourty kilometers long, you can see it whole while doing a skydive. And during the plane ride, the plane will circle all of it. The...

    0 by Katja, in Qué hacer Koper, 6 days ago
  • Tritoma Rooms for Rent - Los Olivos - Lima PERU

    Furnished Rooms with private bathroom , tv cable, microwave, kettle , towels. Good Rates for short and long stays . At Tritoma Rooms for rent you can make use of : kitchen , laundry room - terrace - Wi fi. Just 15 minutes form Lima Airport , District "los olivos" at...

    0 by Betty, in Qué hacer Lima, 8 days ago
  • Cañas y Tapas Barcelona

    Enjoy the authentic taste of the traditional Spanish cuisine and share good moments with your friends. Our special dish is the famous pan of sautéed eggs and potatoes with some different ingredients: Iberian Ham, chistorra (spicy sausage), smoked bacon, morcilla de...

    0 by Cyt, in Dónde comer Barcelona, 9 days ago
  • Plaza de Espana

    Badajoz is a small and beutiful city. His history, culture, traditions and architecture are amazing. A place where the people are amiable, nice and can help you. In Plaza de Espana you can taste traditional food&drinks, visit catedral, churchs and monumets. In...

    0 by Adriana, in Café, coctel, cerveza Badajoz, 9 days ago
  • Gardaland amusement park

    The Gardaland amusement park is known as the best amusement park in Italy and one of the best amusement parks in Europe. It is situated just next to Lago di Garda ( the Garda lake ), where a lot of people go for weekend breaks. There are some good campsites on the shore...

    0 by Katja, in Qué hacer Verona, 10 days ago
  • Kusadasi - Grand Onder Hotel

    Grand Onder Hotel * Steel: I start by saying it's not really 4 stars, but 3. The 4 * * are only for marketing. But it is worth the price paid. Room: spacious, clean, new furniture and  nice decorations,  foot carpet (particularly for those with 4-star tiles not only...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué ver Turku, 10 days ago
  • Alojamientos Colonos

    Alojamientos Colonos   In the province of Jaén and near the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountain range, you will find the rural village El Altico. This village was one of the new settlements in Nuevas Poblaciones, a former Andalusian province colonised by King...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué hacer Jaen, 11 days ago
  • Louvre

    The Louvre, Le Louvre, Museo del Louvre - this place sounds the same in most of the languages and is not confused with any other. Even a small child knows that Louvre is an art gallery, or actually the biggest art gallery in the world, located in the heart of Paris in...

    0 by Veronika, in Qué ver Paris, 11 days ago
  • L'Etoile Venitienne

    Have you ever tried real snails, also known in France as Escargot? Well, if you are coming from the southern country, then you probably have. I am coming from the North so snails was on my on my top check list when I came to Paris. Some people consider eating snails...

    0 by Veronika, in Dónde comer Paris, 12 days ago
  • Ballon de Paris

    After I saw all the must sees in Paris and still had some time, I decided to explore something unusual, somethinig memorable to make my friends jealous (they were already jealous that I saw Eiffel Tower and Louvre but I wanted to enhance their feeling :) ) After a while...

    0 by Veronika, in Qué hacer Paris, 12 days ago
  • Cande Hotel

    We have chosen for our vacation a low cost airline to Izmir (with stopover in Istanbul), slept in Izmir and the next day me and my familly went to Kusadasi with a bus (one from Romania, as the Turks for a journey of 2 hours max offers you all the comforts-tea, juice,...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué hacer Turku, 13 days ago
  • Carlsberg Old Brewery

    While being in Copenhagen, I have decided that it is a must to visit Carlsberg Old Brewery Museum and to explore how it all started. To tell the truth, the museum is quite challenging to find, it is located a bit outside of the center of the city so you definitely need...

    0 by Veronika, in Qué ver Copenhagen, 13 days ago
  • Nyhavn (New Harbour)

    Besides the Little Mermaid which I aleady mentioned in one of my entries, there is another symbol of Copenhagen. The place is called Nyhavn and has a very easy translation: New harbour. Why Nyhavn and what is so special in it? First of all, look at the pictures:   Have...

    0 by Veronika, in Qué ver Copenhagen, 15 days ago
  • Park Güell

    Unquestionably, Antoni Gaudi  put his mark on one of the most visited cities of Europe-Barcelona. After visiting Sagrada Familia, it is necessary to take a walk through Park Guell. I knew something about this place, but I never would have imagined that the steps I will...

    0 by Patricia, in Qué ver Barcelona, 15 days ago
  • Tex Mex

    While my stay in Steyr, Austria, we have decided to try something unusual and not typically-Austrian. Our choice was the only Mexican restaurant in Steyr - Tex Mex. Tex Mex is considered as a fancy restaurant. The prices are pretty high for Austria, people come here to...

    0 by Veronika, in Dónde comer Steyr, 15 days ago

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