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Erasmus places

  • Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

    Notre-Dame de la Garde is a Catholic Basilica that overlooks the Vieux Port area of Marseille. It's the most famous landmark in Marseille along with the beautiful Calanques and is really the symbol of Marseille, just like the Eiffel Tower would be for Paris. It's the...

    0 by Alan, in What to see Marseille, 19 hours ago
  • Market of Marrakesh

    Coming from Western  Europe a trip to Morocco is already a little bit of an adventure itself. The culture, the buildings, the people, the food, nothing looks like we are used to it at home and even if it is just a few hours of flight away, landing in Morocco feels...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to do Marrakesh, 8 days ago
  • Penyal d’Ifac in Calp

    Calp is a small city located on the Mediterranean Sea, around one hour from Alicante. It lives mainly from tourisms and at first sight it looks like a typical little tourist town, just consisting of a long beach and some hotels and restaurants. But Calp has a tiny...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Alicante, 10 days ago

    Date: July 18th, 2015 Hello Sir/Madam   I am Pemba Gelu Sherpa, Resident of Nepal and currently I am staying in Lisbon Portugal. I was marketing manager in trekking company in nepal and also I am a journalist. I passed my bachelors Degree from Nepal Trivuwan...

    0 by Pemba, in What to see Lisbon, 13 days ago
  • The House Cafe of the best places of Istanbul it s actually a street which is full of bars and cafes also gift shops you can have  a great time and make new friends in cafes and bars live music is available in some places prices are good whenever we go there with friends...

    0 by Uğur, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Istanbul, 15 days ago
  • The cliffs on the coast of Lagos

    The city of Lagos, in the south of Portugal, is a beautiful historic place to visit on the coast of the Algarve. But what is even more worth seeing is its unique coast with the impressive sand-coloured cliffs. The coastline is full of little bays, beautiful beaches and...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Lagos, 18 days ago
  • Key West

    If you ever visit Miami or other parts of South Florida you should not miss the Florida Keys, a chain of beautiful islands, which are connected from the mainland until the town of Key West through the “Overseas highway”. There are over 200 islands in the Keys, some...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Miami, 21 days ago
  • Acqurio di Genova ,pizza di Ferrari &corso Italia

    First thanks of almighty God that now able to write and advicing to my lovely fellow and students aroud globle of the word . i will trying my best as much I can to help students around the world cause I knknow the difficulty of stude life  . Before up i mention these...

    0 by Kiramat, in What to see Genova, 22 days ago
  • chinque terre

    I love that place hope you would be like ,once of most beautifil place in genova ,I see many ccouples there that they came here and express Their feeling if loves , should bring a lock if you are strong feeling in loves eacht other lock at stand near a water and through...

    0 by Kiramat, in What to see Genova, 22 days ago
  • Pailon del Diabolo

    When you reach the Pailon del Diabolo in Baños, Ecuador, there is a sign that says “Estas preparado para una sorpresa?? Dios existe!!!” (“Are you ready for a suprise?? God exists!!!), and truly when you get the first glimps of the beautiful sight of this place,...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Ambato, 23 days ago
  • Park Guell

    Barcelona is a lovely place to travel. You can get lost and not complain about it, catch some bronze on a beautiful beach, admire historical artefacts and art in galleries as well as street art in downtown and if you would like to have it all on palm of your hand,...

    0 by Milky, in What to see Barcelona, 24 days ago
  • San Pedro del Pinatar

    If you want to go to the beach but, when all's said and done, you get bored of just lying on the beach getting tanned, I recommend going to San Pedro del Pinatar. 50 minutes from Murcia (take the no. 70 latbus), San Pedro del Pinatar has a lot to offer: the beach, of...

    0 by Jake, in What to see Murcia, 25 days ago
  • Finnegan's

    Nice and cosy Irish pub in the heart of Grassmarket Edinburgh. Live music, cheap beer and live sports with many screens. Nice place to hang out with your friends. In the middle of the Old Town where you can get from New Town/Waverley Station through short cuts: lovely...

    0 by Milla, in Cafe, cocktail, beer Edinburgh, 26 days ago
  • Costa Rica

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    0 by Natascha, in What to do San Jose, 28 days ago
  • Palo Alto Market

    Here one of the absolute insiders’tips of mine from the beautiful Barcelona: the market Palo Alto! It is situated in walking distance of the metro stations Poble Nou and Selva de Mar and takes place every first weekend of the month, always from 11am to 9pm. It is a...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to do Barcelona, 30 days ago
  • Copacabana

    The Praia Copacabana, counts to one of the most famous beaches of the whole world. It is situated in the neighboorhood of the same name "Copacabana" in Rio de Janeiro and is about 4 km long. For the inhabitants of Rio, the Copacabana is not just a beach like any other....

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Rio de Janeiro, one month ago
  • Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

    Looking at the rest of the city of Valcenia, the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias doesn't really seems to fit in. As many other spanish cities, Valencia has a typical oldtown, with lots of beautiful buildings, squares, churches, etc. But if you go from the city...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Valencia, one month ago
  • Havana Student Accommodation

    The Student Residence is located in Vedado's neighborhood, on Street E no. 307 between 13 and 15. It has four en-suite rooms for individual, double or triple use. 


 - Personal Bed in single, double or triple bedroom. 
- Air...

    0 by Miguel, in What to do Havana, one month ago
  • KölnTriangel Panorama

    It is more than time that I finally share a place in the beautiful Cologne with you, a city that has become my adoptive home in the last three years. After living so long in Cologne I can tell you that it has become one of my favorite cities, that has so many great...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Koeln, one month ago
  • Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon is situated in the United States, more precisely in the state of Arizona. It is a huge canyon, that is about 450 kilometers long and is named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It gives you the most spectacular views and is one of the most visited national...

    0 by Charlotte, in What to see Phoenix, one month ago

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