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Erasmus Germany

  • Experience

    Experiencia Erasmus en Munster, Alemania de

    Why did you choose to go to Munster, Germany?Because i study languages and i wanted to study in a part pf Germany where Hochdeutsch (Standard German) is spoken.How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?My scolarship was for...

    0 by Davide in Erasmus experiences Munster, one hour ago
  • Place


    During my Erasmus in Jena I had the opportunity to travel a lot. We used to organize daily trips to the nearest cities and often bought a group ticket, which was really cheap and which I advise you if you want to travel with friends trhough Germany. One day we decided...

    0 by Monique in Qué ver Magdeburg, 15 hours ago
  • Place

    Erfurter Oktoberfest

    For some reason you can’t go to Munich to enjoy the famous and crazy Oktoberfest? Don’t worry! I suggest you the Erfurter Oktoberfest. It takes place every year in the small city of Erfurt, usually from 27. September until 12. October. The city offers many events...

    0 by Monique in Qué hacer Erfurt, 16 hours ago
  • Place


    Hy guys! Let me tell you something about Jena, the city where I spent one year as Erasmus and where I left a piece of my heart. Jena is a small university city in the middle of the forest in Thüringen. There are still some medieval looking buildings, but at some point...

    0 by Monique in Qué ver Jena, 17 hours ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Heidelberg (Germany), by Lara

    Why did you choose to go to Heidelberg, Germany? Being an Asian Studies' Graduate, Germany wasn't my first Mobility choice - in particular, I was interested in going to Japan for an academic exchange. However, since cumulative costs to live and study in Japan were...

    0 by Lara in Erasmus experiences Heidelberg, 18 hours ago
  • Place

    Soda Club

    SODA is the premier nightlife and has much more to offer. The club in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg is one of the biggest clubs in Berlin and known for its variety of music and dance floors. Whether the finest R'n'B, the most beautiful dance classics, the latest disco...

  • Housing

    Room in a Flat in Altona

    I am traveling abroad from 31st october 2014 to january 15th 2015. I wish to rent my nice room 17m2 located in a nice area in Altona teh famous street by the name Ottenser main road. The room is 5minutes to Mercado shopping mall and 5minutes from the south railway...

    0 in Flats and apartments Hamburg, 2 days ago
  • Place


    Raw-gelände is one of the most fierce places to go out in Berlin ;) in a city where everything is possible, the night life is full of hot spots and raw-gelände is a must-go place full of bars, disco, pubs, etc. It has also a bier garden, an outdoor cinema and a flea...

    0 by Joana in Qué hacer Berlin, 2 days ago
  • Place

    St Christopher's Hostel

    The Hostel is a great place for those who want to explore the most of Berlin. Located near the centre, it has great access to trains, bus stops, and emblematic places such as Alexander Platz are less than 10 mI mutes away by foot! And the best part is, the hostel...

    0 by Cristina in Café, coctel, cerveza Berlin, 3 days ago
  • Place

    Indoor skydiving Bottrop

    Indoor skydiving Bottrop is a part of a bigger complex which, besides indoor skydiving,  consists of a summer ski slope, summer sledding and paintball court. Bottrop itself is an industrial city and there is really nothing to see, so if you are in Germany, my advice...

    0 by Katja in Qué hacer Essen, 3 days ago
  • Place

    The burnt church

    Dresden is a city in the South-East Germany, one of the most atmospheric and beautiful cities I have been during my travelling in Europe. The burnt church of Dresden is a really great sign of the history of the place and its really interesting to visit. Anyone can reach...

    0 by Dresden in Qué hacer Dresden, 4 days ago
  • Roommate

    I am a new student in HTW berlin and looking for a room??

    I am 30years old, engineer from jordan and am looking for room to live. I study at HTW berlin. I am very nice and helpful guy to live with. I am open to any conditions and social one. No problems when making new friendships. I think its good to know new people from...

    0 in Roommates Berlin, 4 days ago
  • New photos in Berlin

    galería updated, 4 days ago
  • New photos in Humboldt University of Berlin

    galería updated, 4 days ago
  • New photos in Berlin

    galería updated, 6 days ago
  • Place

    The wall

    The wall is one of the places you "must" see if you are in Berlin. Built in 1961 to separate West Berlin from East Berlin, the wall was completely destroyed on Thursday 9th November 1989 by GDR citizens, after a series of protests in the whole soviet block, becoming a...

    0 by angelo in Qué ver Berlin, 6 days ago
  • Roommate

    18 years old boy is looking for accommodation in clausthal

    I'm 18 years old from syria going to study in tu clausthal , love swimming , listening to music , going to the gym , friendly , outgoing , love pets don't have one :p love food I don't care if my roommate is messy or organized just friendly . Want a moderate room with...

    0 in Roommates Clausthal-Zellerfeld, 6 days ago
  • Place


    The Siegesäule in Berlin is a typical landmark for the city and is not far from 'Brandenburger Tor'. It is reachable through tunnels in the ground and is surrounded by a massive roundabout. The Siegessäule does not only offer a view point over the city, but also...

    0 by Nicole in Qué ver Berlin, 6 days ago
  • Place


    The Pontstraße is located in the historical part of the city of Aachen and it is the location of many bars, snack bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs. Therefore, it is a very popular location for all who would like to go out or have a nice night out. It is a place where...

    0 by Nicole in Café, coctel, cerveza Aachen, 6 days ago
  • Place


    The Apollo in Aachen is located in the Pontstreet, the bar and restaurant street in the city and therefore, popular destination for many students. It is a small cinema showing cultural, alternative and small scale movies during the days. It is a conema for people who...

    0 by Nicole in Qué hacer Aachen, 6 days ago
  • Place


    The Markusplatz in Berlin is one of Berlin's central points as it is not only located in the city centre, but also offers a wide range of activity options. Next to a wide variety in shops and boutiques, many restaurants and bars are also located there. Moreover, it is...

    0 by Nicole in Qué ver Berlin, 7 days ago
  • Place

    The wall

    The wall in Berlin is a must see during a visit in Berlin as it is bears a lot of history with it and you cannot miss this. The remainings are located along the water and are covered with different artworks and graffities, which partially represent Berlin's history and...

    0 by Nicole in Qué ver Berlin, 7 days ago
  • Job

    Do you want earn money while practicing english?

    Are you an English speaking student (or even any other language) with some free time everyday? Then we have the perfect job offer for you. It couldn't be better, you just have to practice your English and will start earning money! We are looking for...

    0 in Student jobs Berlin, 7 days ago
  • Place


    Izola is one of the few coastal Slovenian cities, among Koper, Portorož, Piran and few others. It  is situated between the cities Piran and Koper. The city, although it is small, has a rich history. The city beach, called Simonov zaliv, has the remainings of the...

    0 by Katja in Qué ver Saarbrucken, 7 days ago
  • Roommate

    20 year old english girl looking for accommodation/flatmates in Dusseldorf

    Hi everyone :) I am a 20 year old English student coming to Dusseldorf at the beginning of February 2015 to do a work placement until end of May 2015. I am a sociable, outgoing and friendly person and am used to living with other students so am tidy! I am looking to...

    0 in Roommates Dusseldorf, 8 days ago
  • Place

    Der Festung/The Fortress

    Der Festung or The Fortress in England is one of the most beautiful sights in Wuerzburg and it somewhat overshadowed by the Residence in Wuerzburg (although this too is a beautiful piece of arcitecture). The scene is set perfectly as the fortress sits high up on the...

    0 by Rebecca in Qué ver Wurzburg, 8 days ago
  • Place

    Call me Drella

    Havin worked for almost 2 years you might think I am buys but everyone in Munich loves this PLace, it is Funky Cool Hip Modern Retro and Groovey at same time. Allot of young folks from the Model and Movie business are there so , it s fun and the music...

    0 by Adjmal in Café, coctel, cerveza Munich, 8 days ago
  • Job

    Paid IT internship positions in Parma, Italy

    IOS MOBILE DEVELOPER Tasks: Designing and developing Appcelerator Titanium modules written in native language (Swift) for an iOS Designing and developing app native in SWIFT/Obj-C Managing applications maintainance and writing a correct documentation Collaboration with...

    0 in Student jobs Berlin, 8 days ago
  • Housing

    nice room in berlin

    It is a nice and clean room with full furniture and television ,also big bed and couch . i'm looking for a girl to share the room with me for long period . it is an individual studio with bathroom ,balcony and kitchen with washing machine ,refrigerator ,wardrobe and...

    0 in Studios Berlin, 12 days ago
  • Roommate

    Looking for a room long team. ( until end of June 2015 )

    Hi:)I'm looking for a room for now to until end of June 2015.I'm 26 years old Japanese girl and like cooking, talking to people.  Also I'm quiet, clean and polite. I will be a student to study German in Berlin. It's ok for small room and I prefer everything is...

    0 in Roommates Berlin, 13 days ago
  • Housing

    URGENT ! Need room for one week 20.10.2014 until 26.10.2014

    Hello! my American girl friend and I (19yo french girl) are looking for a room to rent for a week, ideally in Kreuzberg, Mitte or Friedrishain. Actually even a big couch would be enough as we don't plan on staying home most of the time. We are young, easy-going,...

  • Housing

    A newly renovated apartment just nearby Aachen Hbf

    Apartment nearby Aachen Hbf is available. Furniture inside is simple but new and nice, including bed, table, chair and wardrobe. You will have your own bathroom. Two big kitchens in the building and other tenants (most of them are colleague students and visiting...

    0 in Flats and apartments Aachen, 20 days ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Mannheim, Germany by Katerina

    Why did you choose to go to Mannheim, Germany?Goethe Institute - DAAD programmHow long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?2 month for language courses, Language courses paid + accommodation paid + 400 euro per month pocket...

    0 by Katerina in Erasmus experiences Mannheim, 21 days ago
  • Job

    Child care at home

    We are looking for a child care at home for three and five year-old children, monday, tuesday,thrusday from 4.30 pm till 6.30 pm, 6h for the week. It is neccesary to be native english or having a perfect mastery of english language. You must have your own transport....

    0 in Student jobs Frankfurt am Main, 22 days ago
  • Job


    I want to move from my city because i've found my way in Germany, i can do everything you need and  i have experiences as a waiter and bartender  in italy. I've been in Germany three times and i would like to make the things go faster in order to move there next week,...

    0 in Student jobs Munich, 24 days ago
  • Housing

    I have flat in gelsenkirchen near essen 15 minutes

    It is good near to the center hbf  the size about 58 i live alone I am looking roommate girl about me I am studying German courses right now because I will enter Unversity to study master  I can speak English and some German  I do not care about the rent , the only...

    0 in Studios Gelsenkirchen, 28 days ago
  • Experience

    Erasmus Experience in Hamburg, Germany by Clayton

    Why did you choose to go to Hamburg, Germany?I when on a life changing internship at the University Medical Hospital.How long is the scholarship? How much money do you receive to help you with living costs?3 months, 8000What is the student lifestyle like in...

    0 by Clayton in Erasmus experiences Hamburg, 28 days ago
  • Housing

    I need a Room URGENT in Berlin!

    Hi! I´m moving to berlin this week but I still don´t have an accommodation :( I´m going to stay in Berlin from oct.1th until december 15th, I´m student, 27 years old, very calm, respectfull and organized! I´m going to study an intensive german course. Before I´ve...

  • Experience

    Experience in Leipzig, Germany by Dana

    What is it like to live in Leipzig? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?yes I do recommend Leipzig ist a diverse City. The City Center is amazing especially at night. there are lots of street musicians and street art the living expenses are cheaper than any...

    0 by Dana in Erasmus experiences Leipzig, one month ago
  • Housing

    Looking for accomadation near TU-Belin

    Hello everyone...I am going to join TU berlin from next month. So I am looking for room urgently. I am fine with both individual room and share room. I am from India and I want to stay in Berlin about 1 year. I am an easy going  person, looking for cool and...

    0 in Studios Berlin, one month ago

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